I have been under the spell of the sky the last several days. I missed the lunar eclipse on Friday, over slept, got up at 5:45am, the clouds were too thick to even see the moon, by 6am, I could get a glimpse of the moon, but it was white. The days have been beautiful, full of sky paintings, nature at her finest. I could have spent a whole day on Sunday with a strained neck while taking photos over my head. The clouds were dancing in totally bizarre patterns. A warm front was approaching from two different areas, the sky reacted in patterns reflective of artists’ canvas. And the energy too, I felt it, I got right into the mood and really accomplished a lot. Now Wednesday I have a speech to give in Deland, so I will be brief and show you what I saw. Below too find the small venue I did at Red Sun Yoga Saturday for their open house, glad to meet some new faces.










Club Turtle Med was in full swing as these temps were at about 80!


The sky at times was dark, clouds gathering quickly and turning dark, then dissipating. It was like having a kalidescope and watching water vapor changed shape and form.





















Monday am

twists and turns for a few days…







Red Sun Yoga had their first open house on Saturday – they are a very peaceful studio.  Met a few new artists: The Geeky Bead Designs by Kate Gingrich  — http://www.etsy.com/people/geekybeaddesigns on red table

     paintings by Creative paintings, Paula Cortese, paularob@cfl.rr.com  – Paula had 2 sales! Congrats – hope to see her in Sanford showing her work.

Asha Beads by Amanda, cannot find her card, but you can call Red Sun Yoga and they will know, also jewelry by Bibi Bernal was beautifully done,  










Alison Marse, owner of the studio had well designed jewelry and she does creative cards and photography.
Again, check with Red Sun Yoga for details and artists, I seem to have lost their cards.  If you read this contact me…
Red Sun Yoga  http://redsunyoga.com/contact-form
Thanks so much to Lisa Moore’s husband for the help with the table, much appreciated!



I leave you with peace and harmony and an appreciation of mother nature and what she can create – gotta get to bed….