Here’s the pics up front and explanation following: Alive After 5 December”

Here’s the scoop, I am soooo busy this week I am going to let you go without much of a lecture – These are from last nights Alive After 5 which was a very slow night as there were no food vendors. The artists were all there and lighting for many seemed poor for some reason. The people that came mainly congregated in the Square where Santa and singers were hanging. There were Carolers and lots of jewelry/art/glass/ photos. etc, but somehow it seemed the artists really did not get full attention from the public tonight. Bonnie Sprung in Blue Hat attends to her tie dye and art, Framing 508 had beautifully hand made ornaments from Rae Marie and a new painting of goldfish by ALfredo.
Toelle Hovan was outside Art Affair with her art and was prepared  to make X-mas ornaments,  Art Affair looked great, the middle room with artist work was being shared with  Sobovada Holt &  I am forgetting who shared the space, will find out tomorrow, oh wait it is tomorrow.  ANyway, Art Affair looks FAB.                .
The Abbotts were in the house at Jeanine’s looking good with Mary K and her great collar!  Out by the Maya’s book store was Bill Belleville with  Fredric M. Hit and their many books for sale, prolific writers about the environment, both truth and fiction. Jeff Drake has  great photo packages  for the Holidays, (Jeff Drake Photography) and Myrna Cummings had cute little dolls wrapped up and was working on exciting new art. Saw Joanne and Tony Borges with their pottery and woodworking, so many gift items all over the downtown First Street. Santa and the Mean Elves were at Huge Fish singing away , and as always, enjoyed taking with Radha, owner of Divine Mother Earth/Gypsy’s Lair and Marjorie Baughman who was displaying her little soft pieces.  There’s a new store with furniture and accessories, just opened too. Home Furniture Gallery by Carrie Bailey, she put her new store together well. Adorable rings and pins all antique and designed by Catherine at she has an Etsy Store – Saw Steven Mosher but forgot to add a pic, search his name to see his glass work.
As you may have heard, Herbie was taken to the zoo. People were feeding him junk food and there was concern for his safety. I heard there was a good article in the Sanford Herald as to why Herbie has been incarcerated at the zoo for his own good. We will miss him on First Street, but after he gets out of quarantine at the zoo, he will be part of the pack over there.
John Lennon’s anniversary was yesterday also and his brilliance is missed —

I’ll be at Red Sun Yoga with art for sale at their open House on Saturday the 10th in Winter Springs at Tuscawilla Road in the Albertson’s shopping center 5965 Red Bug Lake Rd, Ste 201, Winter Springs, FL
Wednesday I’m giving a speech in Deland for The Florida Woman’s Artist Association, it’s great to be busy, if only I was worth the big bucks for “consulting” like Newt- oh well, I can only IMAGINE!         Hey, sorry, lame jokes at this hour and wait,  is there a lunar eclipse this am?  Gotta see it, but then again, the sky was terribly cloudy, will let ya know — gotta go, gotta go back down the rabbit hole… Waa, Leon and Tom were not there tonight, Miss you guys! And thanks to Mary K, Miss Sherry, Ronda, Andrew and Radha for putting up with me and my blogging – Now go look at downtown Sanford, they have a ton of unique gift items! BUY, support our town and artists!