A good day to all! Decided to run down to marina this morning at 6:50am to go take some photos. I am really unsatisfied with this Canon SX30is of mine. The telephoto is great, but even though the telephoto is 35X, when you get past 20X, it can be so unstable, you must make sure to have a tripod to steady which is true for any camera with long telephoto. The close ups are another story, I thought it was just me as I cannot get a good closeup using the flower icon. this morning my son said the same thing. It makes me long for my old Sony, I still think the quality of my Sony is better. I am waiting now for my new Sony Alpha 33 DSLR  that should come any day. My old alpha basically was worn out from all my lens changing and the motor burnt on using magnifying lenses, it had to be replaced, so this new camera will replace it. I certainly don’t give the DSLR as much mileage as the point and shoot.
So here is Abbe rambling again, off on a tangent, just thought I would fill your day with a few photos to enjoy. It was 56 this morning, not too unbearable and is in 70’s now, that’s winter I can be happy with.
When I came home from marina, I brought the cats outside to play, and as we sat on the bench, I looked up and heard an eagle. it looked like a young one, but decided to put the 3lb. kitty back in the house as the thought of Sasha sailing away in the talons of an eagle was not one that I would be posting.
Have a great week, Enjoy the holiday season! Share the love!










Above find the link for a quick marina view. The water was swaying so slightly it looked trippy!  It wasn’t one of the more exciting mornings, and there are a lot less seabirds than are seen during spring and summer.

I stopped and got my donut at Donuts To Go in Sanford in front of the Hospital. Remember local artists, they would love to have you showing your work – mine will be on the walls till the end of the month.







The eagle was way up in the neighbor’s trees three doors down, about an acre away. 









   The eagle won’t be taking Ringo who is over about 20pounds. Little Sasha weighs about 4lbs at the most, she’s all fluff. 


   The sky tonight is clear as clear can be, the moon is beautiful and I could even take a very blurred picture of Jupiter and 3 of it’s moons, so go grab the binoculars and have a look at the night sky. Another day almost gone, someone on tv called it “time burglarization” – so enjoy your time the best you can and do things to make it memorable!