This morning it was only in 40’s, BRRRR way too cold for me! I had to get up and do what most people do if they have a job, get on I-4 at rush hour. I was going to hang some work at the Edgewater Library.  Once I got a mile from Lake Mary, it crawled at 30mph. What would take 20 minutes to Lee Road at 10am, took twice that at 8:am.
I would go ‘postal’ if I had to fight this on a daily basis.  

Edgewater Library is on 5049 Edgewater Drive right off Lee Road, it’s a large library, and looked larger when no one was there but myself and a few of the library staff. As I looked around I noticed quite an amply stocked library – a large inventory of books, DVD’s, a nicely stocked childrens section with books set out on little tables to entice them to read. It brought about a nostalgic for those of us over 30 for the days when you’re a kid taking home a stack of books to read. In Akron I remember the wonderful small Library near the West Point Market and the one that was built near Maple Valley school many many decades ago. There was nothing so enticing and overwhelming as looking at thousands of books and deciding which to take home. My sister and I would spend hours roaming through miles of words and pictures,  enjoying the many sections and selections.  As my children grew up in South Carolina, there was nothing where we lived, but once we moved to Florida, the library came to us each Friday in the form of a mini mobile home. We boarded the bus in the shopping center up by Sweetwater and Weikva and they too got to experience the joy of reading and listening to books on tapes. Then the new library in our neighborhood opened and again, it was a place to explore. Somehow you feel smarter just by being there!
The Edgewater Library has all that and artwork, they gladly open their available wall space to artists and lucky for me, I am the artist for the month of December. So if you happen to be somewhere around Edgewater Drive, have a look at what I put up. Here’s a view of the branch in Orlando, Fl.

I have to thank Kelly who was a big help to me and appreciate Rae Jean for giving me the exhibit. I wanted to make sure the kids section had fun work of them to smile at as it is   important to expose children to art.
Thanks to all at Edgewater Library.

Lately I have been watching the small mud island about 300 feet from my shoreline. Through my lense I have been seeing many turtles and water birds hanging around. Today over a dozen were sunning their shells this afternoon. By fishing time at 4pm, they are mostly gone.  make sure to click on any pics to enlarge them. I know they are not as sharp as they could be. These are the begging reptiles that go after my doughballs and sometimes get hooked. I would say the majority are cooters or sliders. I don’t see many soft shelled participating, nor many snappers. Once in a while the turtles will come up looking for a place to lay eggs. It’s rare to see baby turtles, but when you do they are so cute and again, it takes you back when we were young and had that little plastic turtle bowl with the palm tree until they found out that if you don’t clean it of the salad and meat you would feed the turtles, one could contact salmonella. So so much for the turtle craze of the 60’s.  Here’s a few snaps of turtles past and present:

The baby turtle was from a batched I dug up and hatched. The raccoons with their keen noses will find them and eat all the eggs. In 2006, I was able to hatch a half dozen and release them back into the lake to take their chances.
The big tortoise with the dog on top is a non-native, he’s