It is very wonderful of Cork and Olive of Lake Mary to welcome my friend and nature photographer, G. K. Sharman and myself for exhibiting in a place full of good spirits and bottle art. Cork and Olive owner, Anthony keeps the place well stocked with wines, beers, olive oils and items that appeal to anyone needing gifts for any time of year. The staff is helpful and this place is one busy establishment with samplings, business meetings, charity events, and as a place to relax with friends and enjoy the serene culture of fine wines that are reasonably priced. G.K. and I will be exhibiting in their conference room till end of December, so please stop by and buy a glass of wine and enjoy the surroundings. The Cork and Olive is in the Target/Publix shopping center on Lake Mary Blvd,  4247 W. Lake Mary Blvd.   

Attached here are photos of our art and the bottle art that stocks the shelves. I really enjoyed looking at labels. A woman shopping near me admitted she would buy a wine for the label. The manufacturers of these wines do take time in making great designs for the bottles, have a look and go there and patronize, it’s important to keep our locals in business!  Below look for the homemade jams, pickles and chutney by Sunchowder. The case was brought it while I was there this morning and they looked charming and the assembly was beautifully appealing, contact them:   or email
The ingredients looked so good, many different varieties, fresh lemon, raspberry, grapes, cherries, ginger and more   .

Hey Julie Compton, (shameless namedropping ) they even carry Dave Matthews Bands own label of wine, white and red called Dreaming Tree. 

Also, while there the woman making the baskets was working her own magic with creation of great gift baskets for all occasions, 

  She really was very careful of how she put them together and it showed!

So all that’s left, the back room with the art. GK Sharman is having more photos made as we are exhibiting early, so I have a lot more work up on the walls,  next week we will remedy that, so here’s a peek at our art and it’s a perfect excuse to go visit a thriving business committed to their customer. Anthony enjoys talking and advising all who walk through his doors and he samples many of his wines.
GK’s banana spider and her frog,

my red shoulder Hawk

Come by, ‘vino’ is good for you, soothes your soul and art is also there to let you have a look into “The Nature Of Things” – Our exhibit through December – and if you are an artist, stop by and let Anthony book you into putting your own show up – he has many many events that are packed. Market Market Market!
Now I’m at home and instead of cleaning, cooking, and doing what I need to do, I’m blogging which takes 3 hours, oh well, I’m through now – I wish you a great Happy Thanksgiving with family, friends, love and great companionship, plus a lot of fantastic food! Enjoy and I will leave you with a look at the Florida sky this am as I tooled around here or there.  

Take a walk after Thanksgiving, appreciate nature!