I ran into Aurore a couple weeks ago and she told me about her newest body of work called La Vie En Couleurs . She mentioned the upcoming reception at Jeanine Taylor’s, Gallery On First. Of course I was planning on going, I knew her painting and have blogged about her before, (put her name in my search bar and it will bring up past blogs.)  I was not prepared for the work that confronted me when I surveyed the walls.
There was no doubt beyond wonderful, I’d say it IS GENIUS!!!
Aurore is a petite, beautiful woman born in France with terrific energy surging. She paints with brushes filled not only of paint, but with all her emotions. If she’s mad, in love, happy, sad, the walls ring out with her state of being.
She has an articulate hand that follows the intention of her mind to a “T”.  She told me she had put this together in a couple months, if so, she works in a velocity beyond the speed of light so it was no coincidence that it  was out of this world –
I watched the delight and the studying going on in the eyes of the attendees. The discussions could be heard throughout the room at the brilliance that brought all of us together. Each piece had it’s own strength of focus,  each work of art was an individual look into the mapping of the blood that runs deeply through Aurore’s soul.  (I have only shared a few pieces in this collection)
These were mixed media pieces, encaustic pieces fused with newspaper, stamps, thin plywood heat, shellac and other bits — many forces joined together in a cohesive purpose.  Aurore has exquisite vision! The bold colors, the splashes of paint applied like wet vinyl  with sexy strokes and drips trailing across figures and abstract journeys force us to pay attention.  This latest body is so creative and inspiring that you should get over to Gallery On First and bathe in Aurore’s light, it will hold you spellbound. Thank you Aurore for your creativity!     http://www.aurorebrunet.com/











Outside the gallery was a stunning Husky, it belonged to Aurore’s friend. The dog was  well behaved and had the most gorgeous coat – what a looker!
Talked with other artists, The Abbotts and also Cheri Dacko who will be having her unique work on display next weekend right around the corner . As always, great to see Mary K who is always so very happy and enthusiastic!
Then back home without checking the other galleries, it was Aurore’s night and she made the stars jealous!