Sometimes you have to move with the sky. It’s how I rule. I’m a sky watcher as you all know,  and I enjoy our always changing view.  The full moon has begun to wane, but is no less beautiful than it was when full. The herons have started showing an interest in nesting again and visit everyday, but have not started to rework the old nests in my tree. Still they come around 7:30am, hang out, then come back sometimes when I am fishing, and then again at night. Last night I went to watch the moonrise and caught the heron against the light. Wonderful watching the dark outline against the moon. The clouds were heavy too, but it all made for awesome voyeurism of my favorite orb. 
We have experienced a bit of cooler weather last week, but is back to 80’s again and very humid. Today I took the cats out while I worked on weeding out the lake front. The sky literally changed every fifteen minutes. It would look like a storm was going to crash down any minute and then the sun would surface. Warm, moist winds came from the south and moved the sky rather quickly.
I am trying to get my two female cats used to staying close by especially so our new kitten, Luna knows the territory. Luna is about 6 months old now and  has retained her feral nature it seems.
  The white cat, Sasha is a 3 year Persian. Luna, the gray and white is a rescue cat from the pound. Now if you read my blog, you know I have a 10 year old very feral cat, Ringo. Ringo comes and goes: comes when he feels like it and goes when he doesn’t. He makes his entrance and exit on my porch by jumping through the screens and because of this, Luna has learned to do the same thing, this baby is no slouch. I am trying to get her used to her surroundings realizing she will probably be like Ringo and screens mean nothing but an inconvenience. Luckily, Sasha is not bright enough to figure that out. So now I take both of the girls to the waters’ edge and we ‘play’. I do it a couple times a day. (I miss having all old cats who required nothing but food and a corner to nap in – kittens are like children, always getting into trouble if your back is turned.)
Ringo has been good with the young females and mostly ignores them, (he’s the striped cat.)
And back to the morning, we all enjoy the birds and ducks and noise that accompanies morning.  Luna notices everything,  her ears are radar tuning into each detail of nature. Her head is always turning toward something that catches her attention.  This morning we were treated to a tree full of Ibis looking down on us.  I  looked over at  “Turtle Island” a high spot in the water where many turtles came out to absorb the sun.

butterflies too  —

The sky was bi-polar, mad and happy, bright and dark.  Because of the continual change, I thought I would head to the marina.
I love the color of the Lynx bus, no missing that!  There were birds all over the place. Loads of seagulls.

As I drove past the empty Gateway Condominiums I noticed a coffee shop was open, so being nosey, I had to stop.

The new coffee shop had no real sign, but it is open. The name is Caffe d’ Riverwalk and was packed with homemade goodies from bagels, to cookies, muffins, and quiche, to many many coffee flavors, lattes, cappachino, etc etc, Plus a variety of smoothies and canned drinks. They are open from 7:30am to 2:30pm. They are also looking for a few willing artists to show just a few pieces inside their shop. The address is 225 W. Seminole Blvd. Have your coffee and bagel while watching the people fish along with the motion of the water and sky.  

I sampled banana bread, very moist and good. I bought a muffin chocked full of cranberry, yum.
So please patronize these new businesses. We encourage and welcome them into Sanford’s community!

Further down at the Motel near the marina I saw mattresses stacked high and remodeling going on. I talked very briefly with a worker and he said it should be up and running as a new Motel and restaurant in 2 weeks.

It will be interesting to see what goes on up there. This motel seems to pass on and on is not given the real makeover it needs, a total updating, make it shiny and new, give it a scrub and make it a place that will bring people back again and again. It is good to see they are doing something so it does not become an eyesore and a place for ‘ the bad element’ that takes place after dark. Monroe’s will be the new moniker. I will miss Kathy being there!
There were quite a few fishermen, but none of them was catching anything, (yes, I always ask). 

and a few more pics:

And then it was back home to blog and play with the kitties. I let Sasha and Luna out and the same ibis were still in the trees. The clouds had softened.

I took out my pole and some bread and there came Ringo, my fishing buddy walking down to the lake, but he stayed way off to the side. That’s not like Ringo, he’s by my side when I fish. He saw the females and didn’t stay, he took off and it’s 5 hours later, have not seen him since then. I guess you must analyze the psyche of a cat as if it were like ours. Ringo and I have shared fishing time together for years, now its’ obvious  Ringo resented those two cats who have invaded our space and took attention away from our sacred Zen fishing time. Now he’s gone and making me pay by worrying about him, but, that’s Ringo, he’s like that – can you imagine, cats controlling people’s lives – OR worse yet, cats controlling people’s minds — yes, cats controlling human’s brains?  Sounds like a scenario Kafka or Vonnegut would dream up. It’s something you hear about and say, “are you kidding, my cats would never control me”! And then, suddenly I gained this new self -perspective from reading ones own blog and realize that I had become one of “those”, those cat-controlled people – well, maybe that’s why I always am chasing a ‘mews’ – please tell me you laughed, or groaned, it’s okay, Ringo won’t mind, or maybe he will….