Okay, it’s freezing outside! It’s 2:am and I opened door to look at moon and it is friggin’ cold – WAAAA, give me back my days in the 80’s!
It’s 11/11/11, I’ve lost days again, it was just November 1st yesterday it seems,  Alive After 5 and other art venues give me a time frame, but it’s moving too fast.  X-mas is close, taxes coming due, BAA HUMBUG, it’s holiday season! Just call me “decision impaired”, the new  “correct” term for a paralysis when making decisions. I can go into a store and look at conditioners, then spend fifteen minutes reading the backs, comparing ingredients, pricing, judging judging, then find one and as I roll the cart around, think maybe another one was a better choice and that’s just a hair product!  It’s horrible for picking out a gift, give me a week for that and it’s much worse for buying clothes. I will take 8 items in to try on and rarely does anything satisfy my specifications for what these clothes are SUPPOSED to look like on me. I don’t understand that the shirt I picked out would look great on Madonna, but looks like a tight chest binding for ‘Yentl’ on me!  And jeans? OMG, I need my own brand, Thigh Tamers, somehow my high school thighs have evolved and I have still not recognized that they each have their own zip code until I try on jeans. My own jean brand would slide on like buttery spanx and distribute the fat equally through out the body, taming those critters into shape, what’s wrong with that? That’s why I still buy jeans in the mens dept most of the time, they are more forgiving, (not men, the jeans I mean). Men’s jeans have styles like carpenter – pockets that handle hammers, screw drivers and your drills, perfect for packing chubby thighs! So don’t ask me advice on face cream, do I get the Revlon, some fancy brand or Oil of Olay? Do I need a chin strap or gel eye mask? I now comprehend that when you wake looking like a participant in the Cirque du Soleil, that’s the tone for the day – and whats wrong with being a clown? If this is Abbe life with the small stuff, the bigger stuff is even worse paralysis – how did I lack that genetic marker for making decisions?
Oh well, I did decide to head up to the Alive After 5 last night, it had a Sea Food theme and I was told there were 50 artists who signed up for tables. So I parked in BFE and went looking for the art.  First thing I came across was Herbie Hancock looking out at the crowd.  I would love to throw my arms around him and feel those fat soft feathers if I wasn’t afraid he’s peck my face off. He’s not that friendly, likes to be admired from a distance.

Up and down the sidewalk there was a lot of talent, if I went into detail these blogs would take days to write, no, never mind I wouldn’t bother writing them, I have art to make. So I will show some of the sights I saw tonight.

Myrna Cummings was eating cotton candy and showing off her latest.

Deborah B. Smith did this curvy piano and gave me some adorable cards, (In my hand). (www.deborahbsmith.com) I am sure I have met her before, possibly Lake Mary a few years back.

Cool hanging glass bottles and and glass bottle windchimes and painted fish, Bottle art by The Bottlesmith, Michele Pasternak, (mpasternak.artist@gmail.com)  The adorable fish creations by Patty Clifton.  The painted maps and other items on table belong to http://www.joannraulerson.com – Bare Feet Art , (Jo Ann Raulerson)

I stopped by Hyder’s Center for Fine Art Gallery and saw Andrew, his beautiful wife and the gallery dog of which I still did not take a good photo of that precious dog. Lori Anne was missed, but always good to see Sharon too.

Bonsai’s creations by De Angel Creachiones, Dory Angel who also does painting and graphite sketching, doryangel@gmail.com – facebook.com/deangelcreations
Her bonsai art is done with a focus on each being a different theme. The one I featured was a dancer tree.

Clay Jewelry design by Deb DeSantis, maebeecreations@gmail.com – she had earrings and other jewelry.

Kiss My Glass by Janet Lafata, (jlafata1@cfl.rr.com) makes stained, fused and mosaic glass. She has classes and enjoyed those class bottle cheese trays.  Her mosaic looking glass X-mas tree and stocking were very cute.

Steven Monser, glass creator and instructor, monserglassstudio.com had so many colorful pieces, the table looked so sparkly. He’s always got something new, always enjoy seeing what’s new.
a stroller full,  of what looks liked papillions  (there are 3, but the third dog was probably tired of the paparazzi.)

http://galleryonfirst.com/    Debe and Kevin Abbott were busy in their studio at Gallery on First. I should have concentrated on one because you can’t appreciate the beautiful work at all from my picture,  he’s a blogger too,   http://kvabbottsartblog.blogspot.com

Go visit the Jeanine Taylor Gallery on First and enjoy their art and read his blog. Their work on brick wall.

Nene Everling usually sits in the same spot on the corner by The Sanford Herald with her two huge dogs. She looks classic ‘artiste’ all decked out in her hat. She had a knock out with her photography of a rose she had grown. Also a beautiful acrylic rose painting  too,    She needs to get her work out more, she could become known for her obvious love of that flower!

Then over to Art Affair to see what’s new. The Palette Cafe was full and the art looked stand out!   Went over the walls and then into the third room where the original gallery Ronda had opened. On the walls were large mixed media pieces full of motion, texture, depth and color. I just stared at them and Lake Mary Food Critic,  Leon Konieczny  and artist Tom Abbott joined me. All of us in awe of the work. Whose was it? No names, no tags. We all guessed and guessed incorrectly as Ronda approached and we asked – surprise surprise, it was Ronda’s work from years ago she had stashed away in storage. The three pieces had Biblical themes in their interpretation, one of the parting of the Sea, with ropes and layers, the others equally thick with interpretation. She has several more  in her ‘cubby’ – anxious for her to pull them out too.  http://www.artaffairgallery.com/

The glasswork by Nancy Moore was gorgeous  – Art Affair Gallery is full of Fine Art to enjoy. Too many quality artists to even name them all, but I do know and have met many of them.  Love those damn bugs made of kitchen appliances and martini shakers.
Ivaldo’s work always catches my eye

You leave the gallery feeling you have been in New York.  And TOMORROW Tom Abbott will be having a big reception for his ‘creations’ at  7-9pm – The Center, 946 N. Miles Ave. Orlando, know it will be well attended, his work is so very interesting and I know he is smiling as he creates each piece because I always see Tom with a huge smile on that wonderful face of his!  Please do a search on my search bar to see his work.
The streets were not as packed as last month and the darkness cut like a knife at 6pm to make it feel like 8pm. In fact, I was talking to fellow photographer G.K. Sharman who is Associate Editor at Sweetwater Weikva Springs Magazine and also has a blog associated with it called Off The Page With GK at Facebook.com/swwsmag. We had had lunch a couple days ago filling our souls full of GREAT Italian at Giovanni’s,  discussing how in Florida we need to leave the time set to Daylight Savings Time like Arizona, there is no excuse! Darkness by 5:30pm is for the birds! GK is a great person to keep up with the happenings around town, both politically and socially, it’s what she does, events events and then she takes time to enjoy her hobby of nature photography. She’s got books and photos and up at the Historic Welcome Center, she has an award winning photo. (I didn’t go in there last night)

Also saw longtime friend, Bonnie Sprung who always has that optimist view and showed me her new phone with the app to plug in and take credit cards, how cool is that. I hope she got to use it a lot!  These are her tie-dye hand printed shirts and hats, she has wonderful art, scarves, many products!  

     Headed up to see Framing 508 and to find out what Alfredo had challenged himself to this month, he is ever expanding his parameters. Was not surprised to see another masterful piece, he is truly reincarnated from one of the Dutch masters!  Take a look at his beautiful Galleon and the other two works:

  Alfredo and Rae Marie are both doing pet portraits also. Quite a bundle of talent between the two of them.  http://508gallery.com/

Saved my last stop for Radha at Divine Mother Earth.  http://divinemotherearth.com/

Her artist being showcased was Julio Sanchez Julsan, (www.facebook.com/JulioSanchez-Julsanart)  and he was a spark plug of electric color and motion, Radha knows what fits into her Gypsy’s Lair and it shows. Have a look at Julsan’s art:  

We talked about events and projects to do. She is a person with such  unique styling! I  admire all these strong women I meet who know what they want and do it, they take charge, they make decisons right or wrong and brush it off if it wasn’t right.  Maybe if I hang out enough it will brush off on me!

I need to add that Casselberry Arthouse tonight :

Come join us at the Casselberry Art House and enjoy a special art exhibit featuring the   artwork by McRae studios on Friday, November 11 from 6 – 8 p.m. Light refreshments will be served. McRae Art Studios presents a body of work exploring the individual artist’s influences surrounding a creative project, path or process.      Location: Casselberry Art House Free Reception: Fri., Nov. 11, 6 – 8 p.m.

Also  upcoming  November  is another vibrant woman artist and person Aurore Brunet, showcasing La Vie en Couleurs… her new collection of art celebrating the beauty of the visage.— at Jeanine Taylor Folk Art on November 18th . Please check the  Jeanine Taylors website.

So after all the art goings on, I left the event and drove down the road hungry and under a full moon with veiling clouds brought on by a cold front.   Where to eat? Where to eat?  I drove along and wondered, Pollo Loco? Panera? Logans? Giovannis? Lee’s? What did I feel like eating? I had so many options! So I finally decided and drove past it all and went home for leftover pizza.  There’s my Ringo waiting patiently for me   That’s so Abbe, hey at least it was a decision not to make a decision!!! SUPPORT OUR LOCAL ARTISTS AND GALLERIES