Last night was the reception for the Hyder’s Center For Fine Arts Gallery. They have worked so hard to get it all together. I have watched from the beginning as Andrew busily slaved at building the walls and the lighting, pounding love into each nail and plywood board. I watched the smiles as they talked about their future as a teaching gallery where they would have classes for teaching and Andrew would lecture about marketing to any artist in the gallery that wanted to learn how to market oneself to be a more successful artist/entrepeneur.
Sharon the matriarch, Lori Anne Harris the daughter and Andrew the son each with their own specific talent have worked together to bring this dream to fruition and it was a wonderful reception.  

The event was well attended, saw many people I know and met new artists exhibiting. They are still taking new artists, they have a website and a pdf for the application if you are interested.

It was great seeing another art gallery come to Sanford, a few other businesses have fallen out, Efes’  and JJ Hancocks went out, (luckily I grabbed my Herbie picture a week before they left.) Herbie is being fed and cared for. In fact last night he was happily asleep in his tree and today someone had brought him some fresh corn.  Everyone loves Herbie!

The Weather was cool and a bit drizzly last night, the parking spaces on First Street were all taken so I parked back behind the building, got a bit wet, but was happy to see how busy the gallery was as I approached the front.  Saw Rusty Wahl and Don Fox as I entered and noticed Rusty’s work to the right. She is versed in many different styles, can also jury and teach, she has a lot of media practice under her belt. Don does photography  and we are sharing space on the Healing Art Wall at Florida Hospital in Altamonte with Sharon and Lori Anne too.
These are a few of Rusty’s pieces, she has several versatile styles on the walls.  It’s always interesting to see what she comes up with. There are many more pieces. In fact, all the work I post are just a few representations of each artist, I want to show you some teaser art so you will go have a look.

There two photographers, Jesse Harris who had lovely lighthouses and water views, he does many of the festivals. 

The other is John Zawacki,  —  he is a commercial photographer and a busy one. He had a style of his own with his flower portraits.

The softened edges and dark backgrounds and mats really accentuated his work.

In the center of the room was a Bradley Stallings designed “Rat Bike” – a 1977 Triumph motorcycle.  

   There is plenty of work by the Hyder family – I missed seeing Sharon’s husband as he has mastered the construction of all her custom frames. Last time I spoke with him a few weeks ago we spoke so fondly of the wood waiting for him up north, I think it was black walnut. He’s been quite the carpenter in the past. I hope he is feeling better soon and one day will be wood working again.


There  was the poignant work of   N. Sandhaus. Love the soft colors and especially the lines and depth of faceless people blending into scenery, a great perspective.

There was paper work by   D. Meloy.

Also, cleaver pieces put together by Celine Lang –

Celine has an unusual art style and I love the smaller pieces, the pieces were well constructed, her colors nicely blended. 

Bright blondes with wide eyed faces by Janice Heinzelman.    

These 2 orange works with interesting lines belong to M. Rodriquez.  Also work by Amy Wilkinson who I have enjoyed at Art Affair Gallery, type her name in my search bar and you can see her past reception there.  She does body casts and mixed media that are quite interesting. The painting with the lamb was beautifully done. She is also another artist who is so easy to talk to about their work. 

And then there was for me very interesting figure work by  Lori Platt,  it blew me away, the faces on each of her people have to be examined from different angles and light. I spoke with her for a while and she has won awards with several of her pieces. I loved each one and know she is on her way to being recognized for her work!  Have a look:
Jack over the Candlestick – 

Hide and Seek with two girls in the woods, look at all their expressions.


   These is a happy and joyful feel as you look at them.

Thank you Hyders for contributing to the art atmosphere in Sanford and making anyone who steps into their gallery feel like family. Always smiles and happiness. I hope it is a great success!

On my way home I noticed the fair at the Catholic church so snapped a few pics as I drove past. I had talked earlier with one of the photographers who said he discarded bad photos, not me, I love trying to do something with a photo that isn’t quite worth keeping, but has something that makes me keep it anyway, so here’s what I did, Godzilla fit the bill!

Now use your extra hour wisely –
P/S November  18th
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