Back from being away for about a week. Had to go visit grandbaby and my family, had not seen them in over a month! Can’t stay away that long, babies grow too fast.
Yesterday as I stood looking off at morning sky and over my little lake, I couldn’t have been happier, two herons were up where the old nest was indicating they will soon be re-building. The otter was swimming in the lake, wood ducks were out floating about as were female mallards. I stood for about a  1/2 hour just absorbing the early morning. Wish everyone had the time to slow down and do this. I am looking forward to the herons working above me as I fish.  The Sandhill cranes still have their baby, but probably will start to distance themselves from it by January. My Persian cat has a horrible cold or more likely an allergy of some type and the anti-biotic is not working, she has licked her skin off her nose with that sandpaper tongue of her as every time she sneezes she licks her nose. I have taken her off the meds and changed her food to see if there are some positive changes for her.  Our other new addition Luna, a 6month old kitten Adam brought home from the Pound has now discovered how to break through the screen where our male cat Ringo does nightly. Luckily she is young and when I see her out my window and  go call her, she comes running like a dog. Luckily the Persian has no wandering tendencies and is so slow, she doesn’t get far. The difference between the slow 3 year old Persian and young wild kitten is like night and day. Sometimes Sasha does not know how to deal with all the energy Luna displays. Suddenly the kitten will jump like velcro on the top of the screen  where she has seen a lizard.


I was reading Lake Mary Life Mag and came across Page 16 where they mentioned that Lake Mary has a new Art District – so of course, I had to go exploring. The area is across from Lake Mary Event Center on Country Club blvd. There is a small L shaped shopping area with The Art Studio of Lake Mary where Stella Tagliavore has had her art school for years now. She owns the building and now she has a few artist tenets.
There is Studio 6 where they rent space for artists to display their work within a private small room for a fee. Painter, Bettye Reagan who I have seen many times displayed at the Historic Sanford Welcome Center was on display as was studio director, Robert Sassi. These are  for rent, get in touch with Studio Six to find out rental price, (contact Robert Sassi 847-477-1295 or email  .)  It’s a very nice and clean looking studio.
There is also Candlelite Gallery owned by artist, Dlynn Roll and her husband who are candle manufacturers,  Park Avenue Candles which used to be in downtown Park Avenue and has now moved to Lake Mary. She has a wonderful shop filled with candles, pillows, clocks, art and other gifts. They are on Facebook for more info,  “like” Candlelite Gallery  & Gifts at FB.
Dlynn was so delightful and had a distinct knowledge of the different candles that graced her shop – her art is wonderfully expressive, she has a very calming style and demeanor. I enjoyed the chat. Attached are the pictures of her shop and part of the shopping center;
  The jewelry is all about messages and is in dots and dashes of Morse Code so you and your friends or lovers can wear necklaces or bracelets with secret messages spelled out! Dlynn would be happy to design one for you.  If you are running back and forth on Country Club, stop in and check out the new wave of art  hitting Lake Mary. It’s wonderful to see some media culture added to their tiny downtown. I look forward to watching it grow! The address is 241 N. Country Club Rd. Dlynn’s shop # is 321-262-1880
Got to get back into the art grove – tonight — is the Hyder Gallery Opening Reception in Sanford. I must get work together for the Edgewater Library at end of this month and The Cork and Olive Winery which I will be sharing space with award winning Sanford photographer, G. K. Sharman.
Monday I put new work up at Physicians’ Associates of Lake Mary at Dr. Caggiano’s waiting rooms, so keeping busy.
Check me out on Monday after the Hyder’s Reception – better yet, come and see their new gallery on 104 E. First Street Sanford, 6:30pm — see ya there…