Went to Alive After 5 last week for Octoberfest, it was packed wall to wall. People enjoying the weather and beautiful night. I stopped by the usual haunts and at the Welcome Center they had boxes of delicious looking donuts for people to try. Well, that’s a total invitation for me to sin! So of course I took one and savored every bite! They were delicious!  I wondered who made these since there was no sign, but it was a new store on 46 in front of  the Sanford Hospital called Donuts On The Go.
On Saturday when I was on my way to Sanford Market, I stopped by to see the operation,   (any excuse to eat a donut)   (1400 1st St.). The place is a new shopping center and it’s right next to a Quest Lab so when I get bloodwork done, I know where to break the fast!
The place is new and clean with a Godly smell, because if there’s a heaven, donuts are a part of the ambiance. They have plenty of room to eat AND it would be a great place for meetings or art lessons! The donuts are FANTASTIC and they carry sandwiches also. They are only opened till 2pm so get over and have  breakfast as you run back and forth from I-4 and the Mall to Sanford! Here’s the view:
Patronize and show support for this hardworking little shop!

I did go to the farmers market and the veggies looked so colorful and appealing. I bought tomatoes which are still nowhere as tasty as in Georgia and Ohio! Must be our sandy soil here.   Here’s a view of Market and marina:

Herbie of course was out strutting his stuff.

The sunset that night was stupendous!! The colors most of the week have been absolutely stunning to watch just as the sun has been going down, have a view of Florida splendor!

  The days too have been a beautiful mix of clouds with a huge front over us sweeping moisture across the state.

At night, Divine Mother Earth was busy with a group called Midnight Caravan – they did their tribal dancing and got the audience moving in their seats to the hypnotic rhythm: (click on links to play)


enjoy a taste of the exotic on many Saturday nights at Divine Mother Earth and just a few doors down at Art Affair Gallery and their cafe, The Palette is the soulful Arika singing away, 

I got a nice little dance from Ronda the owner and artist Tom Abbott   click link

And so it has been another fast week coming and going – the big storm headed our way pretty much fizzled out for us and hit down south near Miami and Keys. Get ready for the weekend, cooler weather here, the 70’s will feel like the 50’s! Now go make it a good day, appreciate something and someone and tell them!