WOW, we got 10 1/4 inches of rain this weekend! It started with some weather front they predicted was coming since Monday. But let me back up, you see,  actually, I don’t even pay attention to the weather anymore! Since I decided to change my television/computer/phone service to ATT 3 weeks ago because their bundle was cheaper than my old standby Brighthouse,  I have lost interest in what’s going on outside, plus it’s still summer, everyday is hot and might have thunderstorms that’s guaranteed – I have even ignored the weather despite it still being hurricane season.
I figured $20 more in my pocket a month would make a little difference. Well, I admit, I might have been wrong . I have gone into a minor depression without channel 13 weather on the ‘ones’. First of all ATT service sucks, I had spotty service for first 2 days because some ‘bridge was not connected, they fixed that, but I had to wait for a service guy who never showed on a Friday and I was waiting 5 hours from 4-9pm – they work in the dark apparently.  Since it’s been fixed I only lose the television connection once or twice a day and my computer must always find a network even after only fifteen minutes of leaving my chair and coming back. I’ve got to say my day starts differently, I’ve lost my grove –  don’t get any local news like before on channel 13.

ATT does have a weather channel. when you go there, ‘Weather on Demand’ makes you jump through hoops to manuver the weather listings and the video always hesitates and then restarts. So I will have to switch back, I did want to give it a chance, but it’s thrown my whole routine off! In my opinion ATT is not reliable like Brighthouse, (and I hold ATT stock!)  I rarely had problems with Brighthouse. So must suck up and go crawling back, BUT think this is probably the way to do it as BH offer bundles cheaper now than I was paying, ($142 without any HBO, Showtimes or fancy DVR/Tivo/HD boxes.) Will see how they feel about rebounders, but bet they have a lot of us!
On Friday the weather did change to a day of storms off and on all day. Till late Sunday night we had surges of water. Not much lightening and thunder, but various places did flood, luckily we weren’t one of them. I did catch birds enjoying the rain from my window: 
And of course, the rain on flowers is naturally beautiful. 
The rain did not overwhelm the septic system at least so we had flushable toilets which was great because we hosted the Key West High School Swim team for dinner Friday night. And with 15 kids eating and needing to use the facilities, well, having working bathrooms are a must. You might ask why I had the swim team at my house? Because my brother is a coach and this is one of the cities where they have competitions. Can you imagine driving the bus for 7 hours to go compete? Well that’s how Key West rolls, their nearest competition is about 4 hours away in Miami. We had a nice time and they seemed to enjoy their brief stay and of course the best part is seeing my little brother — he’s been coaching something for 25+ years down there whether it’s swimming football, girls softball, basketball, they all know him as Coach Wise.
Later that night I was putting away towels and did not see little Luna the kitten go into the bottom of the linen closet. But her sister Sasha did and I kept wondering why every time I went up or down the hall,  Sasha was at the closet walking back and forth and sniffing under the door. Finally I figured I should open it to see what Sasha was after and Luna popped out!
Ringo our big male came in to get out of the rain and the two females are totally enamored by him and as soon as he comes inside, they have to sniff him to get the vibes from where he’s been. It’s funny because he wants nothing to do with them, but has enough manners not to be cruel. 
Sasha has a bad cold, she is snotting all over with big sneezes. These Persians and their flat faces! I feels lousy for her, at times we go into the bathroom and steam up the shower so she can breathe easier.









Yesterday the day began with many clouds, I tried fishing in the morning, but all I got were the cranes flying over for the bread and turtles wanting to be fed.  

The day was quite sunny and very humid, the storm moved north leaving us with big wet benefits.
Later that night I fished again, the sky was filled with beautiful clouds and a murder of crows coming from the east, heading south. At one point I was under a crowd of hundreds and wondered when I would get sprayed, but luckily none crapped on me.


The dragonflies too came back out, didn’t see one during the rain. So I will leave you with yesterday clouds and moon, (which taking moon pics became a huge peril of fighting the vampire mosquitos for the view, they came from everywhere hovering over me in a their own buzzing, sucking  cloud!
Don’t know what type of day we have today, it began as a golden sky, very yellow, but now is cloudy and even had a bit of a misty rain for about 5 minutes. But it’s a new day, ummm, what can be accomplished? The question stull remains, how to find one’s own style and make money from doing something artistic! That’s the plan and I’m sticking to it! Enjoy, have a beautiful and fulfilling day…