Took time yesterday to go up to Sanford and stop in the galleries and have a look around. Jeanine Taylor’s place
was buzzing with artists, Jeanine and Mary K.  getting ready for Halloween and the folk art on display is exciting! The work by so many folk artists  on the shelves makes for a festive time, lots of the favorites have smaller affordable pieces for sale.
The hat collection is made of all recycled materials and you need to go look in the mirror and try a few on.

The Welcome Center too,   was decorated from this month’s theme, “Summer Blues” –  they are working on the back room and have less work on the walls, but still have quality work. Next month’s show is themed for the environment.
October 13 is Alive After 5’s October Fest, always a great and large turn out for that one so get ready, before you know it, it will be here.
Ronda’s Art Affair Gallery,    had new art up from the 24 X 24 contest.  Good bold art and a wonderful menu too. Plus, Ronda is not only cooking up meals and art, she’s cooking up ideas for the holidays so pay attention.  Here’s a look at Sanford  and Art Affair Gallery and Herbie Hancock:   (I still don’t know if my picture of Herbie is up at JJ Hancocks, last time I looked it was face down over their cabinet!)

Don’t forget that The Art Affair will be auctioning bat boxes to help the Zoo, check their site for details.

Got back in the truck and headed out to Seminole State College for the Reception of “Our Village” by Judy Gilmer and Beau Wild. I always enjoy the receptions put on by the college and they have a wonderful art department under the watchful and articulate eye of Gallery Curator, Megan Paquette Stepe.
And the gallery was right up to par and beyond. As I repeat repeat repeat, Megan has a gift for knowing how to hang a show to bring out it’s full potential and she knows how to pick the best artists to bring the focus of important and meaningful art to us.  The Art Gallery on campus is a ‘gem’ for our community and you can go see it any time during school hours – don’t over look this if you live or are visiting in the Lake Mary/Sanford area. The campus itself keeps expanding and is a wonderfully serene place to visit or take classes.
Judy Gilmer and Beau Wild are seasoned artists who have collaborated on an exhibit that is both thought provoking and intense. The paintings are quite cerebral, the installation art well thought out and planned so that each time you go around the gallery, you see something you missed which is the way you want it.  Beau is also up at the Art Affair Gallery on display so I was familiar with her talent, and I know I have met Judy at other venues, but seeing her bold and expressionist vision up close is exciting, the colors are applied with a trained eye, in fact the whole installation which took 3 days to put up, is very exciting and what an exhibit should be. It all ties together so well, both certainly have a mindset that works well together and shares it to make  us a part of it too. I am going to leave you with a little portion of the show and encourage you to get yourself out to see it for yourself. 

Just heard the economy won’t pick up for at least 3 years, ugh, how disheartening. Also listened to the news and a terrorist was killed who would write for a ‘Jihad’ type magazine called Inspire – who knew terrorists authored inspiring articles, but had to laugh at the title of one of the articles: How To Make A Bomb In The Kitchen Of  Your Mom.
that made me laugh, but also brings in a reality far removed from the little art world I float in.
As for me, getting ready for a Library show, but found out  Maitland gave my time slot away for October – boo hoo, apparently a mix up when they changed people and positions — oh well, I will be at Edgewater Library for December I’ll just use my work, it’s all bundled and ready anyway called  Among The Lilypads and of course, Iyla will be featured under glass. 

Also getting ready to see Planet of the Apes, stuff to do, catch ya later and have a great weekend and do something that makes you smile! OH, P/S, thanks for those of you who see my new kitten, Luna  on Facebook and ask how she is getting along with Miss Sasha. They have bonded well, though Luna is a bit demanding and an out of control maniac who exudes a dynamite load of energy, they do seem to get a long well, have a look,