Sometimes you wake up early and decide to enjoy the day from the beginning. At 6am it was dark, so thought I would chase a sunrise which was to occur at 7:14am. I grabbed my camera, monopod and ‘outthedoor’ I went. The month is almost gone, please tell me how? We are living in a black hole.
I’m finally framing for my Maitland Library exhibit Oct. 1st-31st.  My friend happened to send me a copy of National Wildlife which was the “Special Nature Photography Issue”. Now as a, “quote quote”, nature photographer, I opened the pages with a discriminating eye and the pages were filled with stunning images, so very stunning I wondered, what the Hell am I bothering with taking pictures for?
They were so beautifully professional, utterly perfect in composition, I kept looking and looking and taking in such perfection, maybe realizing nature photography is not what to do, plus the fact I had to clear out the bedrooms when I changed tv/computer services and the cable boxes had to be accessed. I had frames frames frames all over the place, many filled with photos from leftover exhibits. It’s good to look at old pieces with a fresh eye and for many photos, I was embarrassed to think of the retirement funds that have gone to buy frames and mats and photos – yikes — (not counting cost of ink when doing it yourself) and suddenly could not justify this hobby – (haha, I say this as I hang a new show with some new frames)  BUT – where is my niche? There’s nothing to make me different like my dear friend Pam and her infrared photography, or Judy with her paperwork, Robin with her particular painting style and amazing marketing skills, or Elizabeth with her collage pictures,  (I have so many many talented friends I can’t name you all or another week would vanish.)  My brother keeps telling me to forget the wildlife and do sunsets and sunrises, that’s what people buy, but there has to be more, there has to be a little nook where I mold into, what is it? How do I chase it? Or is it like chasing a rainbow? What is my style? How is it I have been sitting here an hour when I should be framing?
I’m reading an Andy Warhol biography as he struggled to define himself and opted to bring commercialism to light when one of his Gallery owning friend suggested he take pictures of money — that worked for him – Diane Arbus did freaks, Ansel did nature, and National Wildlife shows me spectacular photos that blow a reader away – so where is Abbe in this arena – (probably taking pics of  the animals) – Ummm, I must find her, must find her – must find what she can be remembered for, what work will define her?  Do people worry about such trivial matters or is it an ‘artist’ thing? Time ticks away and I’m getting older, ( and fatter)  from sitting here thinking and over thinking about personal definition. Oh well, one day it won’t matter. It seems sometimes a hobby chooses you doesn’t it! So for now, I hope this is entertaining and let’s other struggling artists & people know they are not alone… Now the sunrise

Ut oh, was the “official” sunrise time correct? As I took pictures at the red light I wondered, was I missing it already? It wasn’t even 7am when I left! But I kept driving, over the overpass for AMTRAK the sky was still opening, beaming so softly like a warm and welcoming reception.

At the marina, there were a few clouds and a good view.

The day has begun, keep your health, do your thing, be happy – don’t take yourself too seriously!