Oh, a busy day for sure! North and South I travel up and down 17/92, north and south. Today I headed south at 10:15 am for the adorable Raphsodic Bakery at 710 N. Mills,  http://www.raphsodic.com/index2.php#/home/
What a quaint place run by Katie Mosher! I love the space which I will be decorating with my photos in March 2012, (so plan now on coming for reception – will let you know the dates.)  It’s filled with so many beautiful gluten free foods. Oh — beautiful cases and displays of wedding cakes, cupcakes, gifts, so much to look at – I am attaching the photos of the goodies. If you are on your way downtown from Princeton Ave, make a turn toward Colonial (50) and head that way, the bakery is about 3 buildings before getting to Colonial. There is parking on the streets and on parallel street, Thornton Ave. Have a treat at this little gem –  They have a wonderful vibe drifting in there!

  I talked with Katie and we chatted about space and art so much that I showed her some work I had with me and then took photos and left as I had a few more stops and it looked like rain AND I did not get a pastry, I am so sorry I left without buying something, but plan to on next visit! Me without a sweet, unthinkable! I am losing my mind!
As I was leaving a door was propped open two doors down and a very handsome face came out sniffing the air: 

loved that dog’s face, so very inquisitive and handsome.  The surroundings were interesting — quite arty 

  The graffiti on the wall of the building reminded me of a great documentary I just saw called, “Exit Through The Gift Shop” about graffiti artist, Banksy and eccentric clothing store owner,  Thierry Guetta who was obsessed  with filming the more prominent graffiti artists and getting in on their kicks– it really shows the art world as being kind of flaky and exploitive  when it comes to slapping up an exhibit and pricing and those lucky people who can name a price on their art and get away with it – it’s really got a twist to it,  Get a copy – it’s worth seeing.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gsnX63KK2y0

Headed to WInter Park and the University Club, took pictures to remember the space,  

stopped in at the Palm Cemetery to take a few pics on a cloudy day –  

it’s a very tranquil cemetery – love the many many trees.

Had a few more places to stop then finally arrived very hungry off my exit – so hungry, so weary, so drained I could not dare try and make it home for a sandwich, I need food! And of course, right off the exit is Giovannis in Lake Mary on Rinehart Rd. Soup and salad!  It was already 2pm and so the place was not very crowded. I had a wonderful server named Amanda who could not have been nicer and more attentive! I questioned the soup called chicken Paloma – she brought me a sample and it was delicious! The pizza there is delicious, I can count on Giovanni’s to make a sold and satisfying meal, I love their eggplant parmigiana and their garlic rolls, Excellent!!! It was a perfect soup and salad and garlic roll lunch – plus I had leftovers. Thanks Amanda for being the best server ever!  Have a look at my lunch- better yet, go there and eat and then drive down to Raphsodic for dessert — they can make those cakes for you!!! 

After getting home, I had to go to the Sanford post office as I had ordered pictures for my next exhibit and it’s been over 2 weeks and no sign of them. Not even at the post office.  I’m kind of freaking out because I should be getting  this exhibit framed now.  Hopefully MPIX is in the process of making a new batch to send quickly.
I stopped at the marina on the way home to watch a storm that was moving toward the other side of the lake in Volusia County.  Here’s a few pictures around the perimeter of two counties and the mood of the clouds in my view.   

    There’s nothing like our Florida sky! Cross your fingers that those pictures come soon.  I will be having exhibits in need of other work to, the Edgewater Library called and asked if I could do December and January,  Now I have exhibits exhibits exhibits up and coming – yikes,  I need a clone, I need a clone with a business brain, with style and sassy, with class and brash and someone who can get my work out to the public and sold, that’s not the clone, I need a miracle worker!