Ran over to see Rusty Wahl teaching abstract art at the Cork and Olive on Lake Mary Blvd.  http://corkandoliveonline.com/  Rusty has a long history of painting, exhibiting, judging and more. She is now sharing her wealth of knowledge with others.   To see her work check out her site at,  www.jrustywahl.com
  Rusty’s abstract she was using as an sample of abstraction is titled Forest Nymph
There were 6 people in the process of painting, chatting and drinking some of the great wines available. Everyone seemed to be enjoying their experience. Rusty will be teaching classes each month at public places such as the Cork and Olive,   you can email Rusty at     rstywahl@bellsouth.net,  she can tell you the dates and times of her classes.
Was glad to see Joe Rosier there, Joe’s  well known around the Lake Mary area, he’s a playwright and performer and always funny.I sat next to him a few months ago when my friend Beda and two others formed a new writing group for the Florida Writers Association. He is all over the place at venues either entertaining or trying his hand in some area of the arts – if you need an entertainer, give Joe a shout, his website  www.joerosier.com  – funny how the wheel of 6 degrees of separation turn. I even met someone who is good friends with my fellow artist Madeleine MacKenzie. The results:
Thanks Cork and Olive for being so accessible and accommodating to the art community. Contact them if you have a venue, they are happy to cater to writers, painters, dabblers of the arts, this establishment has a great inventory of gifts and shelves and shelves of fine wines. Have a look at a few of the participants and some of the Cork and Olive inventory:

Rusty was  accompanied by Don Fox who can be found on the Florida Artist Registry — http://photo-digitalartgallery.com/
Don happens to also have artwork at the Healing Wall at Florida Hospital at Altamonte Springs.

Later ran up yo Sanford for Pirate night. There was supposed to be a kids parade or costume contest, but I was late so don’t know what happened, but did see so many young and old pirates running around.  There was an animal rescue group called RAIN, Rescuing Animals in Need. They had several dogs for adoption and the Central Florida Zoo was represented with a bunny named chocolate –     I wanted to see the ‘chalk’ art, and it did not disappoint! Look at the artwork! Saw one  artist, the one signed Roni who was working still. Roni Francois, has a blog at ronifrancois.blogspot.com — her supply of colored chalk was vast, so many pieces and different colors, I wish I had taken a better picture of her supplies. What amazing artists – okay me mateys, have a look at the chalk art.

Saw Rae Marie and Alfredo, Alfredo had a new painting he had just finished and it was positively a work to put you in a ZEN spot with the beautiful artistry and depth to it, plus I so love goldfish, stop at Framing 508 on Palmetto and go have a look, and hurry before the rain and see the chalk art.

How about some of the scenery and pirates?  And there’s no telling how many gold doubloons that Mary had in that purse of hers. Wish I had taken a close up, the teeth were fantastic.

Stopped by Jeanine Taylors to see the Halloween pieces and the two wonderful hats on display – loved this skeleton one below! Saw Lori Anne Harris and Sharon Hyder, Sharon was busy painting a merry go round lamp,
  Since I have a cold, my nose was running and it ran me back to my car and home, so ARGGGG, hope you had as much fun as I did checking out art. Can’t believe this month is half way over and heading us toward the holiday season – YIKES!
I did stop by the marina to get a glimpse of the sunset which was very cloudy, but still a beautiful sight.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend – and stay healthy, UGH, hate having a slimy cold!  They are too messy – —