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The Florida Museum for Women Artists just had their second annual juried exhibition, and lucky enough, one of my photos was chosen for the exhibit – I sent three for consideration, all very different subjects so I was surprised at which they choose.
If you look back in the archives you will see that last year I went with my dear friend and most excellent photographer, Pam Z. Daum.  I took a picture of her on the street,    She had an amazing infra-red photograph in the very first members juried exhibit. I went to the reception with her and we were both in awe for the talent we have here in Florida.  This year, once again I was blown away.
I went flanked by three children, (adults actually) and my granddaughter.  As you approached the Museum, the street was flowing with ‘gallery goers’ walking in large loops around  the half dozen Jesus Freaks with signs trying to reach out with pamphlets  and conversation. I took the photo as we were leaving when only one sign waver was left maybe chatting with JC on the cell phone.
The museum was packed full with artists and art lovers and families forced into service. The only negative, the food went way too fast! WE arrived at 6 and the good stuff had been consumed! Got a few pieces of fruit and a cracker or two.

The stately, Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson who does, “paper paintings” shows off her collage. Her work has to be seen close up to see all the tiny pieces of paper she uses to make one of these paintings..  Each paper painting has been made with Elizabeth’s expertise to place the right color, the right newspaper, the right texture into the puzzle that comes out as a masterpiece.  Take a look at the chameleon I saw on her site, again, each piece is strategically placed to make a work of art.
She will be going up to Key West in March with her work and check her web site for other places her work is on exhibit. I guarantee you, it will blow you away to see her mastery in person! Check out her website for an appreciation of her art,  
Please type in her name on the search bar and get her web and blog sites as for some reason, my attachment to the link does not work.

The chameleon is not in the show, but is on her site. But better yet, find a place to see any of her paintings in person.

Another favorite in the show was Cheri Dacko.  Cheri has a been exciting to watch as she has morphed through the years. It used to be a treat to see what she was working on up at Jeanine Taylor’s Gallery On First, but Cheri has now taken a private room to be able to expand on her work, unhappily for those of us who always have a smile for her style of painting and construction.  Her website,
will link you to a gallery to see Cheri’s “Bent Realism”, her bodies, her faces, her babies, her view is a unique take on reality. You can feel what each of her characters are feeling emotionally. The people seem to want to stretch and move and grind off that canvas and dance before you.  Love Cheri’s vision of life.   She has a baby in a yellow outfit that makes you want to grab it and laugh with it.  Her pieces have so much emotion. I love “Ladies Night Out” on her website. Both Cheri and Elizabeth live and exhibit around Central Florida, keep up with their exhibits.

There was so much going on, I didn’t really get to meet other artists though they are all so worthy of admiration, such long lists of hard work leading to this juried event. Much thanks to the Florida Museum For Women Artists for putting on this event for the public to see and appreciate, I know the artists appreciate such a prestigious  exhibit.
my piece, a photo manipulation on metallic paper, was of my grand-daughter, Iyla. She had been in a party dress and looked so grown up and I wanted her to stay a baby for a while yet , the mask represents innocence, I want her to hold on to it for a long time to come, life goes by so quickly.
Because I had no permission from other artists, I can’t take pics and put them up, so go – take a friend or two to Deland and enjoy an afternoon visiting all the Galleries and eating at the many truly wonderful restaurants and shopping the shops along the street. You will enjoy it, I guarantee you an afternoon you will remember…

      It was a wonderful, magical night, I am still on a high from having been selected and for having little Iyla along to her first Gallery reception. 

Thanks to the Museum for giving women artist this opportunity!