Your head was radiant in its emptiness…”
I came across this quote in a poem by Denise Levertov, — now to you it might seem silly, but I actually embraced it and found it quite lovely in it’s endearing thought even though it is taken out of context and is meant for a rabbit. I actually hoped that was how people would think of me in my vacuous, but fulfilled state.

Yesterday I stopped to get some fresh tomatoes at the Farmers Market and even with the economic report saying no new jobs were created for August, you’d never know it from the people out and around at the Farmer’s Market  spending money. In the little city of Lake Mary, construction is going up across from City Hall in a shopping area, people are eating at the restaurants and buying wine at Pierre’s and yet in our same county, they say 1 out of 4 children does not have enough to eat, what’s happening to our country? The priorities have been skewed, our Congress flaps their jaws and only worries about what kind of deals they can cut with lobbyists to benefit themselves while receiving terrific pensions and ‘socialized’ medicine from us the taxpayer footing the bill and yet, they don’t want ‘us’ to have the same benefits they get FROM US — ah, the rationale of government — no wonder we hate our Congress!   Enough of twisted politics! Try and help the invisible people, the ones who aren’t out shopping, the ones worried where their next meal comes from. How tragic for parents who have lost jobs and their homes and are living with the family out of the car, or living together in a shelter or cheap motel room. Empty your pantry of unwanted cans to one of the local food banks, or donate gently used clothing and shoes. Do what you can for those who are suffering through no fault of their own. We need to help each other, relatives and strangers, do a little something to bring someones’ life a little help and a smile.

I had been invited last week by Radha AnandaPrema to come and enjoy the band, Tribal Zen up at her Gypsy Lair Cafe. I was looking forward to it. Had to stop by marina to see if I could catch a sunset, but so many clouds, A tropical storm swirling in the gulf leaving the atmosphere a bit cluttered, this was the best photo I took.  site address:
Radha was there to greet me and she will welcome you too with open arms, well, closed arms that because she puts them about you  as Radha is truly happy to see you. She was all smiles wanting  everyone to experience the awaiting show.
I ordered a cherry soda  — it was outstandingly full of cherry taste and cane sugar, but she does carry very interesting beers and lagers to choose from. As soon as you step into the Gypsy’s Lair, you have made the Alice leap into another dimension, a very fine leap indeed!

Tribal Zen is a 3 man, (armed with a lot of supporters), drumming group, it consists of instruments that bring the flavor of a tribal beat with a set up of bells and flute-like reeds, different drum set ups and several didgeridoos and many ‘shakers’.  James B. Thomas Jr, Karl Miranda and Robert Caban were all setting up and practicing when I arrived. I am not sure if they had all played together before, but if not, they truly are a cohesive unit and should stay together and make music to sell!  
James B. Thomas Jr. had the didgeridoos which is made from an Australian long branch used by Aborigines to entertain. They find a long eucalyptus branch that termites have hollowed out and  then they clean it out with hot coals. For a mouthpiece they use bees wax, I learned all this by being nosy before the show. James told me he owns 30 of them, saying after he bought the first didgeridoo and got hooked.  Tribal/belly dancers from Florida Tribal Dance, ( were on hand to move with the music. Laura Barsalu was the main dancer and several others, students of the group  would join in.
I took several short movies to give you a flavor of what you will be able to see on up coming Saturday nights when YOU GO!
This group and anyone who wants to participate is welcome, Radha wants to see a room filled with lovers of the drum circle and primitive music and she likes it best with audience participation if you want to join in. And if you have such instruments, bring it up and show off your talent! Last night Radha achieved her dream as Tribal Zen and  Florida Tribal Dance gave us nirvana with the wonderful spiritual feel swirling about all of us .
They had us under their spell once they began — a rock could not have stayed still for this music, the drumming makes everyone feel so alive, your heart and soul is beating with  the drums and the vibrations bouncing off the art filled, cinnamon colored walls. The dancers were all smiling and happy and made it look so easy, I would love to try it, (I promise to keep it to myself and not make a mockery of the dance.)  But honestly, they made it look like little effort, though I tried it at home and looked more like a penguin being attacked by a shark..
At times Tribal Zen made it so we heard  rain embracing us.
Have a look and listen and more than that, go experience the joy that it brings. The people attending are all there in support if the artists, and I say that in support of all the arts involved. The art on the walls is amazing in itself, you are surrounded by a mystical spell that leaves with you. And I was so happy to see Mary K. Shaw pop in and sit next to me. You can see she is enjoying the vibe!
So have a look and listen, come next week and experience! And might I add they do usually have a henna artist.  Remember you can learn how to dance through Florida Tribal Dance 760-403-2334.
Mary K. was so excited to show off her leg henna tattoo.
So go next week and lean into the groove, it’s hypnotic!  You must have a taste of this brew that invades your system and overwhelms the senses, it’s a treat, THANK YOU RADHA – your kindness is much appreciated!
And of course this all leads to pictures:


I enjoyed it immensely!

Then I  saw Sherri upon my exit, she sat outside Art Affair  t aking a breather so I stopped over to say hello, she is thrilled with the activity on these weekends, it gets better and better all the time.   Erica had been singing, but was on break when I was there, you can easily attend both The Gypsy Lair and The Palette Cafe in a matter of a few steps. Erica has a voice that will also draw you in.
The Art Affairs back room is still ever changing and so was the art, more work changed and moved and lovely new pieces by favorites such as Marie DeCosta and Tom Abbott and so many others. I never tire of Ivaldo and his mind set! Enjoy some art by Ivaldo, Moran, Wilkinson, Nowick and others:

  The big upcoming event is going to be the auctioning of the bat boxes benefitting the Central Florida Zoological Park  on September 29th, more details on times  later.

Great painting —  come on down and bid, will give more details as I find them out.

Also a new feature is painting on canvas in the bathroom, I added something, but someone wanted to use the facilities, so I will go by during the week and finish my “Loo” work, they will; be selling these “Loo Paintings” too~!
    So life is complete – I’m filled with drum noise in my head and cherry soda, the good vibes from Divine Mother Earth, Art Affair, Mary K Shaw and others. Everyone should feel the love like this, and lather the brain with it for a nice buzz. 
Be healthy, enjoy life and try and do something that brings positive ions into your life, many times it is doing for others – hug a tree, tell the grass you are sorry as you mow it down and get involved in your community, it needs you!
P/S  if you have never seen the video Baraka, it is a must see for the worldwide culture it shows