So a Category 3-4 hurricane is barreling up the coast,  tempting the hand of fate as to it’s direct aim. Irene will be rapidly whirling into chaos, letting the wind, rain and thunder do her talking for her. For a week since she was a blip on the radar coming off the coast of Africa and we watched that baby grow.   Now,  as she grew into a big healthy hurricane, just  as is typical with adults, there’s lots of gossip. PREPARE OR REPENT — it’s the ‘Hoo-Doo’ of the local media pushing the limits of frenzy and mayhem, tapping into the primal fear that drives us to movies like Final Destination. Hurry and stock up on water, food, get your gas, get the generator reved up,  prepare for the end of the world they tell us. On Sunday, when it was “predicted” to take that closer track, I did get extra water, chocolate and  cookies to tough it out if necessary. Yes, they tell us, “It will be off the coast blowing your furniture west, flooding the earth from the east as it travels north. Tapping tapping tapping at the psyche is how they bombard us with doom and gloom to the point of rebellion.
Every 9 minutes we get an update, and then as the days countdown, the track gets wider and wider from our shore, it looks like we might only get a little rain, and maybe not.   It’s no wonder when we  listen and it seems  like, “The boy who cried Wolf”. We get so tired of the hype, we almost don’t care anymore since it’s staying well offshore, (unless there is some sort of path change.)  So the drama heads on a more northerly path and I’m sure later today and night as it parallels the coast line, we will see devastation, by that I mean we will be seeing surfers doing some big wipe outs against the high tides. Actually I am glad it is not headed right for us like a few years ago when we had 5 hurricanes slamming us every two weeks, but we could use some good rain still.
I am hoping whichever state gets the full hit, fairs well and does listen and preps, because it will slam into someone hard by the weekend. Believe me, I’m glad not to have to put up my hurricane boards up and then see how long we have to be without electric on these days of a heat index over 100 degrees. No I prefer the hurricanes to pass us by and even if the media over-hypes, but do pay attention, don’t get caught unprepared, a category 2-3-4 etc is nothing to fool around with.
My birthday is coming up, people love birthdays, but to me, it’s the downside reminding me of time left. I’m no fan of time limitations since I took tests in school and they called time up!  Time is the enemy and steals from you before you know it!  Age is a great thing and a pain in the ass.  You know something is gonna get ya one day,  I try and ignore all that kind of stuff because I do love life actually, I have a lot to make me happy, but time and I are not friends.
People then ask what I want for my birthday? I don’t want anything to clutter my house or that doesn’t die or can’t be tossed within 5 days! There’s really only one gift besides love: Birthday cake! I love a good birthday cake and my daughter always gets me the best tasting cakes. Now that ‘s what it takes to bring a huge smile to my face on such a day of harsh reality! Just show me the sugar anytime!

     I was actually planning to blog 4 days ago, but got caught up in art venues and other plans. On Sunday I actually stopped in Art Affair to see if they were having people bring their instruments to play, but it was about 4pm and Sheri and Michael were happily cleaning up from a good day of diners for their Mimosa Sunday lunches.  Sheri has been busily trying to work on the other room of the Gallery. If you need a venue for a writers group, poetry reading, speech, whatever that isn’t flammable or messy, contact Art Affair.  They have a fun filled calendar now, must make it there to a Wednesday with “Sanfords Got Talent Night”.
There was new work being put up by Barbie Nowick,
She assembles  very interesting mixed media pieces, uses old windows and an assortment of many textures. Also noticed Bill Moran is exhibiting his paintings also, very enjoyable work, I have met Bill a few times at the Gateway.
Didn’t stay long. Everyone was concerned about the artwalk on Friday, would it be blown away and no one would bother coming? As far as it being Thursday and with the predictions, looks like it’s on for sure. SO remember come on up and enjoy the restaurants and art and bars all along First Street., the merchants welcome you with open arms.          

Monday was my daughter’s birthday and we had a great time at Bahama Breeze. It’s a birthday month for the majority of my family. But a nice surprise came for me on Monday  when I opened the email and found  I was juried into the Florida Museums For Women Artists 2nd Annual Exhibition. I felt such a rush, very honored to have been chosen, especially when I saw the list of artists. They they liked a photo I had manipulated of Iyla, so that’s doubly cool for me. I won’t show the photo now. The opening reception is September 9th, there will be a lot of art, much more work than the first juried show last year when my friend Pam Daum had her photography selected.. Even now I have to look at the email a few times to believe they chose me!
Then I also opened another email for the Healing Arts Wall at Florida Hospital starting in Sept, but don’t have actual date. One of my cranes with crane baby will hang there. I still strive to know what I need to do to be able to be recognized. Lately it’s been a lot of fun manipulating work for next June when I have the UCF library wall for the “Crow Show”. here’s a preview of a few pieces:
  I love love love using my granddaughter in my art and wonder how she will feel about it later as she gets older and sees the way I expand on her wide eyed innocence. It’s a dichotomy of this precious baby and my crows and grackles. She has such a beautiful face full of expression, they just can’t be quiet on paper, I have to make them come to life.
Oh my, 5:18am! Another night morphs into morning without even breaking a sweat, (unless you were to go outside and feel the heat.) It’s actually so nice to work when reality is blotted out by the depth of night, no bills to pay, no banks open, no doctor appointments, no dentist, it’s all abbesworld and creativity, just the way I like it.
I must give a shout out to Andrea over at Rapid Image Production, she’s my go-to person over there and I will miss her when she leaves on Friday. Thanks Andrea for being such a help to me. I’m sure I will catch you around Sanford.

That’s about it, will be watching water level which was about 1.40 on Sunday. Will keep you up to date when storm passes on by,  probably go to the marina Friday and check out the waves. Take care, get your creativity on, there’s only so many days allotted to us in a life, use them to your advantage! I know I probably harp on that, but as  you can tell, I am beyond passionate, I am obsessed with photo manipulation. It’s a labor of love for me,  it’s probably killing me sitting this many hours though I do come and go. And from the looks of my sleepy kitties, it’s time to relax and try and find peace with sleep,  (such a waste of time) so as you can see, by this attitude and with all the studies about getting 8 hours sleep, and eating food besides sugar laced goodies  and not exercising, ( though maybe I’ll try a hula hoop class one day soon, that does look like fun!)  I better get all the work out that I can now!
Good morning, and for those of you in the path of Irene, get the Hell out of her way!