So sad to hear that the “27” Club has claimed another victim, Amy Winehouse.  Many people with such talent lose all sense of self, surrendering to their demons of insecurity while the media like a shark feeding wildly upon all the negative meat, helps steer them to their final destination with glee almost.
We all harbor insecurity about things, but sometimes for artists, the mirror can be an even crueller  reflection.  Though she won 5 Grammy’s and other awards, I heard an interview that focused upon her being upset about writers block and fear she could not duplicate the content of the album that  brought so much attention upon her. And with fame comes the old adage, “sometimes you get what you wish for.” Amy wanted fame from a young age and with that smokey, jazzy, bluesy voice of hers, there was no denying her talent. But, in winning that conquest came the sycophants of booze, drugs, addiction, eating disorders, self medicating. Throw Amy against the wall and see which of those stick, well for Amy, she was a powerful magnet.  The focus then seemed to become,  how far can the press and your actions bring you down? Being found dead at home is the biggest  downer!  So sorry Amy — so sorry for your suffering, so sorry fame brought only negative forces into your life.  watch?v=KUmZp8pR1uc&feature=share

these are my demons – sugar!!! 

Let’s move on to life and the living! Tonight was the official Grand Opening for Divine Mother Earth’s sister store, The Gypsy’s Lair.       It is an organic cafe with organic drinks also. The pastries looked lush,  the food selection was good. It’s wonderful to have this new cafe open as a draw to those who appreciate organic dining. The artwork flows with the divine room – I saw German Leman,   and he is on my blog a few back for Alive After 5, his art work is so alive . Tonight he was doing body painting, see below, it was a beautiful and eclectic blend of pattern work on the model. Here’s the scenery from Divine Mother Earth and Gypsy’s Lair.

  The blond in the black tank top is the owner, Radha AnandaPrema. What a visionary she has  proved for Sanford. Women seem to be the driving force behind this new resurgence for our little downtown! It’s quite empowering! She has quite a wonderful staff . Lauren Lee, (not pictured) of has beautiful pieces she has made, loves to hula hoop and is quite adept at making that ring go around and around. She too is on my last Alive After 5 blog doing the hula hoop, she told me that hula hooping has really been a catalyst for her losing weight and getting in shape, sounds like fun! I haven’t hula hooped since the early 60’s, I was good over 40+ years ago, today I did as well as a slug asleep.
She belongs with a group called  happy hula hoops,  (email: –

Some of the paintings within Gypsy Lair walls are also by Semor Peterson.  I didn’t see him, but I was there early.  German Lemus, who was on my last Alive After 5 blog also, (put his name in my search to find him,)  was concentrating not on a canvas like last time we met, his canvas was the female form and he did a beautiful job.
  The ‘tribal’ dancers were so happy and wardrobed beautifully. Everything you need for belly/tribal  dancing like skirts, tops, jewelry belts and more are all available at Divine Mother Earth  307 East 1st Street, Sanford, 321-363-4901 – total home of fun in clothing and accessories bohemian style!

Congrats Radha, go talk to her and tell her Abbe sent you, she is has wonderful vibes around her and her shop.

Last night was the Art Walk in Sanford and I stopped to see how Ronda, owner of Art Affair was doing with the Wine tasting last night. She walked me right into the room they had been painting the other day and there were the wine tasters listening to the wine expert.  The gallery had some familiar faces and new artwork. I am happy that Steven Moser has now been added. His glass work is well crafted, he teaches also, get in touch with Art Affair Gallery if you need lessons on ‘anything art’.
Also new was Dan Taslin and his Giclees. Also there was Al Fontana and his portraits, he does lots of iconic drawing, ( if you want to commission a portrait.)    Ronda always has something or someone to add, plus she can’t stand still.  Here’s the view: At Art Affair Gallery:

Then off I walked down the street to Gallery on First,  – there I looked at Andrew Hyder’s beautifully detailed piece he is working on. Can’t wait to see the completion, he had been working on the hair and showed me in detail what he did to do the tiny tiny strands making braids.   Look in past blogs to see how he has been working on this.  Also saw Nancy Chenet and looked at her latest pieces, she’s got two that were in the main gallery that really stood out, beach scenery, great vibrance to it with one of guys, one of the girls: 

  A shout out to Mary K. too, she’s a life force over there. Jeanine Taylor’s Folk art is always full of surprises. One day I would love to own Melissa Menzer’s camera with a crow.

Friday night the rain came in hard just as Art Walk was about to begin, the sky was gorgeous, loaded with an array of clouds and cloud details. I love our Florida sky. 

in the dark photo, the part of the sky was lighter blue and a huge navy cloud was squeezing it out.

As I was leaving Sanford tonight. I saw the sun was really low and I have never caught a sundown at the marina. The whole timing was perfect. I drove to three spots and took pics. I watched our massive yellow dwarf  star  disappear, sinking somewhere past the 17/92 bridge in Debary it looked like, (though I know that couldn’t have happened or I wouldn’t be writing about it, nor would you be reading.)  The sun was huge, the largest I have ever noticed. There was a cloud hovering over the sun as if to shroud it a bit and as a result some of the rays were thrown upwards. It was awesome. Too good to keep to myself.
And it made me backtrack to Amy, I bet she didn’t see or appreciate this tug that nature has on me, probably didn’t have time or didn’t even care. She was a slave to her music and to her indulgences. She will never see anything now, she’s left her imprint, it has somewhat of a large void to it. Amy needed friends, she needed long term professional help. Life was stolen away prematurely.  If you know someone going through difficulty, pull them aside and talk, try and reason. Try to be a shoulder if someone just needs to talk, be a listener if advice isn’t wanted. Sometimes it makes a difference to someone in peril, too many people are going through hard times, financially, or from addiction, depression, circumstances beyond their control spiraling out of control. Talking and friendship are powerful allies – communication is important, and don’t judge too harshly. Both indifference and hugs can make different impacts. Reaching out might just mean another day, another sunrise or sunset  for someone who was so down, it might have otherwise been their last day, someone grateful that you took the time to care, to listen, to seek them out. Thanks for reading…

and goodnight from Sasha and Frank, neither is a good listener, I tell them everything and it only acts as a sleep conduit!