I was going out to lunch today and was also trying to write a poem for a book I’m putting together when I got a FB notice that my friend Suzy’s son would be on “The View” today. Ian Drew is Senior Editor with US Weekly, how much fun canoodling with the stars! So all of us who know Suzy rushed to our televisions this am and saw a handsome young man smiling and at ease with the women of The View –  He’s charming and Suzy is so very proud, of course we all see why, he carries himself well and looks great in a suit. It’s rewarding watching these ‘kids’ of ours grow into adulthood, though they grow up, we the parents feel we have not aged a bit, haha! Congrats Suzy and to Ian who does many of these shows on many channels and many shows. What a great job to have and we certainly see why he has it!  Love that he has even had his Mom with him on one of his shows, she could not look any more proud. It was really a good way to begin a happy day watching Ian and knowing Suzy was just oozing with maternal love! Ian, have your Mom on more shows, all her FB friend enjoy watching her work with you!  watch?v=SASCYrw2jtU&feature=share

Headed up to marina and to Efe’s. Was meeting my friend G.K. Sharman there for lunch at the marina.   Have not been there in a few months and always enjoy the spinach pie.  Efe’s overlooks Lake Monroe and we ate on the porch in the shade and saw a big fish jumping out of the water. It was nice sitting out there, the heat was not bad, we even had fans going. It was quiet place for lunch. Our waitress was pleasant and attentive. She said on the weekend they have a good crowd and belly dancers. The interior is beautifully done, very dramatic and calming. G.K. is a journalist who writes for two magazines and is also a photographer who sells her photos at local venues. It’s always good to speak to other artist/photographers and see how they are doing. She had good ideas for marketing and lately I have been very lax on getting art out. We shared some thoughts and after a couple hours of chatting, we parted ways and I headed toward downtown. I had no desire to walk around the marina to take photos as the sun was bearing down hard, they say the heat index was 99 and that summer sun upon the head and shoulders was too much heat out walking around. You can imagine what the heat index must be inside the car after parking for a couple hours, Felt like 200 degrees!
I parked the truck in a spot where I could have easy access to all places that I was going,  first stop was The Herald where I asked about the article, I  was told next week it would be out. That took care of that, so went over to Art Affair Gallery where Ronda the owner and Toelle were painting the new space, NEW SPACE? Ronda can’t sit still a minute, ever expanding now for the third time. This space was where she started out when she began her original  gallery. Now it is added on to her bigger space. I am so happy for how she keeps growing, Sanford should be kissing her butt for her vision, it only brings more and more people in to eat and drink and view art as her cafe’, The Palette. Tomorrow is Fourth Fridays and she will be doing a wine tasting.  Ronda needs a clone of herself. I look forward to covering more and more venues. Her calendar is becoming filled!  http://www.artaffairgallery.com/
    Look forward to the next step along the way.
Off I went crossing street to the Historic Sanford Welcome Center where I met Lauren who will be one of those in charge. I am happy to say my rooster totes, Calendars and marina books are in the case.  The new staff are working on what they will do to keep pushing artists and their exhibits. Looks like they had single artist in the back room for the summer, otherwise the rest was filled with an art groups’ water color paintings.
I stopped and saw Rae Marie near her Framing 508 Gallery and she rushed me over to Kim’s Riverhouse Pottery and Art Center,  http://riverhouseart.com  . There were young art students working on paintings for their art camp project. Alfredo Mujica, Rae Marie’s partner  and amazing painter, (as is Rae Marie), was helping the children learning drawing and painting. Their work showed talent waiting to be unleashed. Kim House who owns Riverhouse gave me a brochure showing the kids camp art classes they have had: Drawing and Painting, Sculpture, Paper Making, Pottery on the wheel. The Riverhouse has classes for adults too. Call down there if you are interested, 407-323-9272.  Rae Marie’s framing shop is right next door to Riverhouse, Framing 508 Gallery has been her business for many years, but this new location has meant she can participate is all the venues. I talked to her about doing a show with a few others. Now we need to coordinate something and then try and get it sent out somewhere. Rae Marie always has good internet sources too. like the one she showed me,  digital-photographyschool.com. Good learning tool! Check out Framing 508,   http://508gallery.com/

Looks like the students were enjoying Alfredo’s guidance! 
After that I headed on home, too hot to finish the lawn, too hot to fish, that heat zapped all my energy.  I started blogging and then made dinner and thought I’d try my hand at fishing, but sky began to change and thunder was booming. WOndered if we would get him, but no, it fizzled out and then got too dark to fish. At least I got some good sky photos. Have a look,

and enjoy a few more pics of the day – 

  this shows Grandmother stones to protect the garden – for sale at Riverhouse Pottery

Riverhouse Pottery.   

Oh where does a day go? How does time slip away?
Don’t forget, Art Walk tomorrow night, Saturday Night Grand Opening, Divine Mother Earth next to Art Affair Gallery on First St.

Please if you know who owned this dog or would like to have this hound mix named Sam who was found wandering and lost in Sanford after July 4th. He’s about 5 years of age, a sweet dog good with other animals and children and listens well, please contact Gail Nagan  407-462-2320