Right off the bat,  people have been emailing me to make sure I am not the woman on the local news taken from the Sanford marina found duct taped to a tree – NOOOO, it was NOT me.     Thank goodness, What a trauma that would be and an inconvenience!  I try to stay out in the open and really look at my surroundings all the time. I know the marina and the surroundings can be a place of “risky business”, and YES, I do go sometimes before sunrise, but always make sure no one is around or I have a good distance when I am taking pics, with easy truck access only feet away. It’s too bad it’s always the bad publicity that outshines the good people who also are there to enjoy jogging, walking and fishing by the water.

Anyway, I have scarier things to think about. The weed whacker!  I hate the weed whacker, I don’t look at it with the same affection I do the mower.  The WW has a demon spirit living within the shaft. It’s got an evil laugh shrouded by the loud sound it makes and it’s grinding, sadistic line shreds all within it’s plastic grasp.  I have to wear goggles and long pants for protection and still that demon spits out weeds and wood that will slash a leg or try for the face for it’s own cruel entertainment.. The most challenging thing is winding the line, Damn  if I could ever get the line wound the right way, maybe that’s what makes it so cranky?  Plus I have an older electric whacker which means I use 3 electric cords of 100 feet each to run around the yard with.  (thank goodness  the mower is gas driven).  Half the time during whacking, the plugs pull free which means I have  to stop, go back and see which plug was pulled.  I secretly think that ‘tool’ has it in for me.
The mower to me represents a sense of calm, well, noisy calm, but still relaxing.   Actually, when the sun is not quite this ‘magma hot’, it’s quite pleasant to mow. I walk around and get exercise and trim the grass, (mostly weeds I mean, ) and it  actually looks nice, there’s a sense of satisfaction. The smell of fresh grass makes it nostalgic. I started mowing after my (ex) husband got a girlfriend over a decade ago,  he really didn’t have extra time to do the lawn back then, you know how it is, he was ‘always working’ or there were many ‘business meetings’ late at night.  I took up the slack and found maintaining the yard quite relaxing. I had a really big lawn back then, but had a lot of anger and energy to burn off  so taking charge of the mower  and using those sharp clippers to hack off branches with brutal revenge and the hedge trimmers to slice off the excess growth was a good diversion and a learning curve, I know how Loretta Bobbett felt, but somehow her method didn’t ‘cut it’ for me as an outlet –divorce was a lot easier than jail!  And after the divorce I kept all the lawn equipment and kept on mowing and trimming, (though much of it has been updated since, but not the WW.)
In my yard now, the sprinkler system isn’t hooked up, the lawn in many places is now dirt from the drought we had and the mower can send up a real cloud of dust, but on the other hand, I mow a lot faster without the grass.  I know my friends Richard and Jerry would be chastising me for not making my lawn grass free with native plants, but in a way it does have native plants, they are called weeds that seem to need mowing.
Back to the WW,  so yesterday I suited up, put up my ugly long brimmed hat,  my goggles and unwound 3 sets of cords, and put extra line and scissors in my overall pocket, (seems exhausting already doesn’t it!)  The sun was baking even under that big dark cloud. It was in the 90’s and felt like 1000!  I started whacking and sweating and ran out of line, had to stop, find shade, rewind and start again. I pulled the cord out twice and near my seawall where I fish and had to walk up and replug, UGH! Then as I was down near my fishing spot on uneven concrete where seawall had broken, I began whacking the weeds, stepped on a pine cone and my shoe slid forward toward the lake and  I almost completely lost my footing! I was toppling toward the lake aware that I had a hold of something electric! Quickly I leaned toward land and released the WW. l had almost tripped right into the lake carrying the  electric whacker  — WHOA – OOOO, can you imagine? That would have made just as interesting a news story of how I was found electrocuted in the lake! And since no one was around, I wouldn’t have been noticed for hours and hours,  my gross and bloated, stinking body with fused goggles melted to my face, the metal buckles on my overalls reeling with eel electric, my anchored boots filled with water partially submerging me in that nasty dark lake where I would be surrounded by dead, putrid, cooked, flaking fish, the turtles feeding on me to get even for all the times I have hooked them. I suppose I would have been  located by someone looking for the source of the smell of the fishkill all while the WW, Caligula demon churned out a continuous electric laugh! Oh, that nasty possessed piece of equipment. 
I righted myself, picked up the WW and threw it on the grass, looking down. I pondered what might have been! OMG!  I know you have had such a moment.
I finished up and placed the haunted machine on my porch, looking at it, scrutinizing.  I unplugged the 3 cords and wound and wound, which is quite the aerobic workout in itself !  I think that machine has bad ‘Hoodoo’ -maybe haunted by ghosts of ex-husband past! I made the decision to rid myself of bad karma, should I dismantle it so no one experiences it’s spell? Then again, the people who raid the trash for their own profit, ummm, maybe they deserve the WW spell.
Now, do I go gas whacker or get someone to weed whack every few weeks? All I can say is, I’m glad my son did not have to find me like that and I am glad to be sitting here writing a cautionary tale in my blog. WHEW! Close call, the kind that reminds you when you shut your eyes at night!
Now I will move to happier photos:
    cardinal takes a dip.   The moon takes a dip in the clouds. Trasher uses the water to it’s advantage. 

Always an eye on the clouds.

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