HOT HOT HOT and even hotter now that the not-guilty verdict was read. I happened to be in downtown Sanford in an antique shop, the owner patted the seat next to her behind the counter inviting me to watch  the verdict on her laptop. We were both stunned, our mouths wide open, though I was not surprised really. It was a stretch trying to define how poor Caylee died. No justice for this innocent child, Caylee.  Was stunned when Jose Baez said, (to paraphrase),  he could go home and proudly tell his young daughter that he “saved a life tonight.” I was thinking, NOT Caylee’s.  But, her mother, Casey will always be linked to her child’s death, and will make money on books and interviews, etc. etc.  – I am guessing she is not going to lead a “beautiful life” –  I was just glad I was not home.  It was better to be in the company of my camera and art and to remember Pablo Picasso’s words, “art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”
In downtown I stopped at Jeanine Taylor’s Folk Art – Gallery On First,      I saw Mary K. and we talked about how well her birthday party had gone. She had a ‘bang-em-up shindig’ at the Princess Theatre with food and a band and many people I have known over the years. Mary didn’t want presents, she asked we make  a donation for the Celery Soup Theater group  which tells wonderful stories regarding the memories associated with the heritage of our surrounding Sanford area.  The Celery Soup players are a seasonal troupe of locals, including Mary K.-  who weave a rich fabric around the stories about the people who define us. Check out the website to find when they will be back for the season.

The gallery has a wonderful piece by Melissa Menzer that’s my favorite, it’s a figure with a camera and crow that I adore.  She has many pieces at the gallery, all worthy of praise.   (or for all the folk art artists go to this link,
The piece Melissa made below was assembled as a tribute to a story told by Celery Soup. About a very interesting character who once lived around Upsala Florida. “Uncle Deeter” was a strange man who always was counting things and collected chickens and rooster. After he passed away it found he possessed thousands and thousands of silver dollars. He always had a chicken that sat nearby him and later it was discovered that the bird had no legs, though there is no story as to what happened to those legs???
Have  a look at Melissa’s vision of Uncle Deeter for auction for The Red Chair Project that supports the local art communities of several of our counties.

Another wonderful Jeanine Taylor Gallery perk are the talent that makes up the body of work in her internationally known business. A recent addition was Andrew Dean Hyder,
His mother and sister, Sharon Hyder and Lori Anne Harris, both painters have been occupying space in The Gallery On First  for years now. I run into them often as those two are always exhibiting somewhere. Their last big community project was for the Seminole County Health Dept.  Today Lori was gone, but Sharon had a student and they were drawing, the guy was really good – contact her at the gallery for art lessons, she is patient and very able to instruct anyone interested in learning to draw or paint.  I am honored to be sharing space with them in the Healing Garden Wall at Florida Altamonte Hospital.
Andrew joined the gallery just this past year and his talent is immense. He does work in Bas and Alto relief, the Bas relief is shallow depth, the alto relief is to pull out the image more, to thicken. His work is considered Acrylic on Bas-Relief stone sculpture: I have watched him work on several pieces from the beginning, he has to work the clay-like media, cast it, paint it and add a frame to it so they are one solid piece. The one photo  is taken from his Harlequin Collection. To see the work of “Fools in Love” from their start, go back to my blog,   or put Andrew Hyder in my search bar and you can see when I first saw his work. His wife was carrying their tiny dog in her bag, the dog had her own goggles.
The Alto Relief on the bodies of his harlequin and jokers is done well, the faces show great emotion, a true tribute to the hands that shaped them! Here’s a look at Andrew’s studio, at three of his series pieces and at Andrew himself. I expect him to be in many galleries in the future.

His new work is in progress,  It is with a intricate hand that Andrew works his shaping tool.  He is influenced by Medieval , European Renaissance and Greek art.    

Thank you Andrew for your art, it won’t be long before we see your pieces on exhibit all over the USA. Prices can be found on his website, again

and if any of the artists are there, speak to them, they love having feed back, enjoy having your questions, they are people just like you!

Stopped to see Rae Marie at her Framing 508 Gallery and she has been working on doing a series of people’s pets in pastels. And if you know Rae Maries’ work, she’s a natural at drawing and painting, have a look at her pieces:   And a few of Alfredo’s, her partner who did a wonderful grouping of fruit. Here’s a look at Rae Marie’s  wonderful pastel of a bulldog she was commissioned to do. to see more, go to  and

Her pet portraits are so much fun, she can do one for you!

love this spirited heart drawing, her framing gallery is filled with so much art that you don’t know where to look first.

All your framing needs can be satisfied there!  Here’s a few more pics:   want a pastel human portrait, they can do that too.

Rae Marie is very much like seeing Mary K, both are the most up beat and happiest ‘girls’! If you need a lift, both can certainly do it! It’s always fun talking to both! Love their smiles and exuberance!
As I made my way around, I took a photo of Herbie Hancock resting, I had to chuckle as he was down on the ground  in the shade relaxing. I couldn’t help thinking of Uncle Deeter and his birds, and the rooster that always lay beside him,  fortunately when Herbie got tired of filling my lense, he got up and trotted off on his spindly rooster ‘gams’.
Now go hug your kids and tell them how much you love them!