Hello and happy 4th of July. Here it is going to be very hot and hopefully there won’t be many clouds today so the fireworks from downtown Sanford can be seen above the trees.
I enjoy fireworks, but not the crowds, so it will also be fun watching the show around my lake.
A fun red white and black bird to watch has been the woodpecker that has been coming to my feeder recently.  Most often they come only to the stump.  The bird has been so busy getting bird seed which is unusual for the pecker to be at the feeder. They are very shy birds and don’t like getting too close to the ground for too long. I was happy to get shots of such a fleeting and beautifully detailed bird. Here’s the photos of the Red-bellied wood pecker.   

     The reason it was coming so often I discovered was because it had an older baby that was hungry.
The baby showed up too, waiting in the same tree to be fed:

  The baby is almost the same size as it’s parents.  watch?v=yBdUGKaqHx0

The video shows you the pair. This is what’s good about having a birdfeeder outside the window. It’s a picture show literally.   This second video shows a young woodpecker taking a bath which is something I had never seen before with a woodpecker watch?v=0FwV-x6dySQ

We had a pretty good week of rain that made the lake go up about 7inches, as of yesterday the lake meters are both still showing, but the larger one now has water around it.  I am hoping that now we will have rains often. The heat has been close to 100 degrees each day,  ah Florida summer. The clouds have been so amazing, I can’t get enough of the sky. The color is so blue and the clouds so white and puffy reflecting in the water.  Love taking pics of the shapes as they pass by. From my desk window, the sky will call me out there to take pictures.


Look up and see shapes and form and the beauty of water vapor.  Isn’t it amazing when you think how weather shapes the sky! Sometimes I just lose myself in watching the changing of the guard up there, especially if thunderstorms are coming. The gray clouds suddenly multiply and take over. In Florida you can watch in the distance where the rains are hitting. I love our ever changing sky,  sometimes the clouds look like mountains in the background, especially at night across the lake. The weather changes so quickly especially on hot summer afternoons.

Finally my lawn, or I should say, my weeds are watered and make it look like I have a lawn again. I had to mow yesterday, oh boy, the sweltering sun seems to wrap the heat around you and you can hardly breathe when the air is so still. Fishing can be brutal in the summer to. I won’t do it anymore unless there is a breeze coming off the lake. I can remember once I got overheated, and probably dehydrated and so dizzy as I was about to go in, I had to have my neighbor help me. I always tell Adam if I am missing for any length of time, look for me stuck in the lake muck, or come see if finally a gator took off with me.
Today was the historic ending arguments for the Casey Anthony trial, personally, I think she has spun such a web of lies, how can it not prove implicate her?  I see a young egotistical woman who needs attention badly, especially since she thinks her own parents loved her daughter more than her.  What did she really do? It sure would be nice if criminals could tell us the truth, though I doubt she knows what truth is.  I recall the attorney today calling her a “pathological liar”, the other called her a liar and slut. I wonder what is behind those dark circled eyes while she listens to all the speculation.  What is the truth, how did Caylee die?  One day C asey will tell all for money. I have been eating and eating as I listen, how many days has it been since the trial began? I might have packed on about 7 lbs since it began! Hope this is resolved soon, or I will really need a serious diet!  Speaking of diets, listening to news about these “competitive eating contests” as doctors think they should be stopped, while some funny guy came on and said why stop, it’s the “collective middle finger to the third world – like shoving as much food as you can in your mouth in a matter of minutes while the starving masses look on, because, this is America!” I had to laugh as I have put away mac and cheese, cake and whipped cream, cereal and toast and it’s only 3pm. Will I have any visitors to feed tonight? My son is working, not sure what my daughter is doing, but I did marinate chicken and made the big mac and cheese just in case. If no one shows, I have food for a few days, what the heck.
I will end and say I hope you have a wonderful Fourth, don’t neglect the birds, look up at the sky, (not while driving) and live like it’s your last day. And take pictures, whether nature or family and friends or both,  everyone loves sharing these little rectangle treasures — (well, maybe not everyone depending on what the photo shows you doing.)
Happy Birthday America,  party like crazy!  Did you know about half the people that were polled did not know what 1776 was about or who we got our independence from?  Will be doing next blog on fireworks if my camera does a good job, (see, I’m pulling a Casey Anthony and blaming the camera in case my photos don’t come out well.)
But first, must take a nap – ZZZZzzzzzzz