Finally Rain, beautiful, luxurious rain! It’s Sunday morning and we have added over 3 inches to the lake, from 9.02 to 9.26 –


It’s so wonderful to watch the sky darken and threaten us from different angles. Most of these storms are a result of east air meets west and bang!
The thunder and lightening are welcomed to the ears and eyes and the smell of wet earth is no less delightful. It has been dry for too long. The only pluses to that is not having to mow the lawn and no mosquitos.
It’s funny how you miss that welcomed sound of thunder, though in the mid west, I would be paranoid from all those tornadoes and now the disasterous flooding! I thought I would give you a look at the clouds and some of the scenes around the yard and Sanford.  The baby crane is now flying, the herons have all flown away, left the nests, though they do come back to the tree and look at where they grew up.

There are also mornings I try and make sunrise at the marina, usually I miss it by 5 minutes, but have a look at what I get:






Thought you should begin the week with some peaceful nature from me to you, always glad to share!



  Don’t fail to look up at the wonderful clouds! The sky holds a treasure of many views.







    rainbarrels are a great way of store a little extra water, but in Florida, they can also be a mosquito birthplace, treat with some chlorine if you have to!
Don’t forget to feed the birds and make sure they have fresh water each day – they will reward you with their bath times.





Now go out there and make it a killer week – make a new friend, join a new cause, and love on those close to you – and most of all, be good to yourself!