Oh My, how did time grind down again? Actually it has been a whirlwind for me as my oldest son got married and I have been baby sitting almost two weeks for my grand daughter while the kids went to Hawaii. Of course I begin with a photo of this am at the lake,  I was hoping the clouds will gather today and give us a shot of rain, we are so lacking water!
Now come the gratuitous baby pics: 

And of course let me include a few photos taken by my son Aaron on his honeymoon, these were taken in Maui

   They loved the trip, hated coming home and trying to get rid of jet lag.

The rain has avoided us for weeks on end. The temperature lately has been hovering at close to 100 degrees. The ‘Dog Days’ are even getting to Ringo:  

The heat is oppressive, feels like Hell when you go outside. My lawn is burnt up, the hardy weeds take over, the other plants look dehydrated, everything has a huge thirst, everything is waiting for the clouds to implode. The lakes are drying up more and more. Below is Lake Amory across the street from my home. Looks pathetic!  My shoreline is getting longer and longer. My favorite spot where I fish is about locked out by the lilypads.  The turtles can hardly hide, I see them easily.

This afternoon I went to Sanford and as I got to the marina, I watched the sky change over Debary/Enterprise where it was clearly raining and it looked like it was heading toward downtown Sanford.  

The rain came over First Street as I went into Art Affair Gallery.     It pounded downtown, I was so hoping that it was hitting my house about 7 miles away. I went to pick up my work I had for selling at the Historic Sanford Welcome Center, but they could not find my stuff so I was told to come back tomorrow. Hate when that happens! I then went to Art Affair Gallery to pick up work left there and Ronda wasn’t there so I couldn’t pick up my work there either but the good thing was, she was out getting her Liquor license and tonight they were going to celebrate at the gallery after 5pm.
I was so excited for Sherry and Ronda to fulfill that dream. Ronda gets things done, she does not sit still for a minute! Here’s a look at the Gallery today”, the first is a ‘bar scene’ in my  “arty’ version of digital photography.


I did not get there tonight to see the soft opening.

Then backtracking to the morning. I went to Altamonte Springs to pick up my art from Florida Hopsital from last months Healing Arts wall. I did want to take a few pics for the latest exhibit, here ya go, the first two include my two photos,  (Lily with Bee and Heron and large stick)  Here’s a glance:  Love Judith Segall’s bird of paradise, what texture!


Below, the Double Helix painting by Dr. Cen was sold and has all proceeds going to the Hospital!

I took photos of the Barbara Swope Garden, this time it had all been planted. 

and then on to Cranes Roost:























Later, as I drove home with anticipation, I thought of  rain, the smell of it, the feel of  warm droplets. I so hoped we had gotten the washing that downtown got. I followed parallel clouds, but could see, they were staying to the east of me. Not even a mist had fallen at my house. Ringo and I fished under a cloudy sky.  Thunder came, then a bit of lightning,  thought I better not continue so I came inside to blog. I did not hear the big rain I was longing for. There was a very very short period of very light rain for about ten minutes.  I went out a bit later and saw the moon which was brushed by lots of dark clouds.  

Maybe rain tomorrow?  Maybe not? Cross your fingers, we need a hardcore saturation and soon!  You know it will be really bad if you see me walk out like Moses during the Red Sea parting and find the biggest bass in the lake to take a photo with. Give it another couple weeks and I swear it might happen –