It was a hot day to begin with yesterday morning, the  sun peeked and aimed it’s flaming yellow flares right out of the sleepy mouth of dawn as the race for upward ‘degrees’ was on. Whew, another day destined to be almost 95 — So glad we were to be inside for the Longwood Arts Show.
I was ready and packed for  the Longwood Community Center to join about 16 other artists for an 8 hour artfest.  Getting ready for these shows is grueling, I must search under beds, in closets and the garage for finding where this that and the other is.  While I did that , Lindy Spenser of Image Essentials (407-442-8111) , spent  months planning with the City Of Longwood Art Show for the beautiful indoor space,  getting Dixie Printing, B-Shots Photo Services, and Bobbo Goldberg to help with coordination for pulling it off. Lindy wanted to help get donations for Spay and Save, — a local group of volunteers who are gathering donations for the goal of offering low cost spay and neutering services in Seminole County. Amy Wieck, a talented sculptor generously donated a cool  big paw print to be used as a donation to Spay N Save.     I was happy to add my crane poster to help get donations for such a worthy cause.    Judy Segall of Pik-uP-STiks Framing 407-331-5008, donated the framing for the official poster, they will be available for sale via Lindy.

I had two tables at the front and once I set up with prints, calendars, cups, baby rompers, picture books, cards and framed art, I took a look around and wondered is it worth ‘schlepping’ so much crap around trying to sell to the public? I am growing weary of having all these extra photo and gift items that must be stuffed like a hoarder into available spaces in my small house.  I think soon it has to be cut bait and stop, have a garage sale, get rid of the excess, I feel it is just spinning the wheels going nowhere!  I just need that winning lottery ticket and all would be fine! (Unless it;s a ticket for $10, baa humbug!)  I thought about saying to myself, if you sell a bunch of pictures today, it’s a sign — keep going, if not – quit trying for the insanity loop defense, time to reassess!
I looked around the room  at the talent and wondered if I was the only one not feeling ‘zip-a-dee-doo-daa’? First I looked at Steve Monser, Glass blower from all his times spent up at Alive After 5 in Sanford, what creative glass work he makes,  — , he has a following, people buy his work.
      I have known Madeleine Mackenzie for about 4 years, she is always always cheery, even when she was having serious health problems, she was ‘up’ nothing going to defeat her! She’s a genuinely happy soul who makes you smile as soon you see her smiling face and bright eyes, her art is like that too, she makes fantastic jewelry and love love love her ‘nichos’ boxes, they are unique and fun and appeal to so many, I have not been at an art venue when she did poorly, except once maybe at a Paint the Town night long ago in Lake Mary..  
GK Sharman is a fellow Sanford resident and photographer who I run into all over the place. She’s smart and writes a fantastic freelance article and takes a great picture!  It was funny, I took a picture of some of her work and the lights looked like paw prints upon the photos:  So enjoy her smoking cigar pic! She has good enthusiasm – a sharp mind process, that girl can sell a great article if photography is not selling. I suppose I should be writing bird articles and submitting pics to bird magazines, might be an idea. Just a thought.    GK seems like a calm and ‘together’ person in her demeanor,  I like that  in a person. http://www.gksharman.com

Bobbo I have known each other a couple years via Facebook and Judy Segall – his work is brainy and he has corny one liners and that balances out with deep thought on  many topics he comments upon. He is a big animal lover, as are Madeleine and GK, Mimi and Lindy. You can tell what a big heart they all have for the critters just by the response to the animals today. I can’t go around holding the animals or I might want one.
Bobbo won’t even kill a cockroach, not me, I see one, it eats the dirt under mys shoe!
I was happy to meet Mrs. Goldberg, his mother who came to help him today. As soon as Silver,  the Wolf-dog came,  Mother and son were preoccupied by the spell of this ‘exotic’ wolf-dog, as pretty much were most of the people in the room.   Some of Bobbo’s friends on FB are becoming “like mindedfriends” to me. I was very happy to meet Jan and George who came all the way from Ocala to lend their art support. They are very close friends of Bobbo and his mother,  I feel I know Jan just from all our FB conversations. They were so generous with their time today! ‘Friends of friends’ can be such a exciting term, so enjoyed meeting them! Bobbo has his niche in pet photography and his movie fetish, maybe I need a second hobby..

In Harmony with Nature was the group responsible for the wolf-dog, Kim Capes a trainer came with Silver. She must be an amazing dog trainer as Silver was so mellow, interacting with humans for hours without the slightest  sign of lupine-aggression. Kim is obviously completely dedicated to these wolf dogs that come into the possession of IHWN. There’s youtube video  with her talking about different animal cases, look her up, she has a job she adores.

Joanne Borges and I both began showing at Alive After 5 several years ago. She was the table next to me with beautiful ceramics and she still goes strong and keeps expanding her creations while her husband Tony skillfully makes his wooden pieces. Joanne has, through the years, never lost her enthusiasm for showing her work. I gave up years ago, she actually sells well which did not happen for me. ( She is another “bubbly upper”, a feel good person who throws a mean pot and is good at adapting and changing her work to find new ways to change her art.
       I am also connected by FB  to the sweet Marie, (Mimi) Brandes who is well traveled and has a wonderful sense of balance with her photography. She brought her dog Hershey later in the day and we all oooed and aaaahed.   (  She is a warm and open person, that’s how I read her.

The rest of the artists I had not met before.

Marlena Burger made gorgeous silk screened art, her designs were quite bright and lovely,   the scarves with the children were so adorable. Her husband Bob,  showed me the silk screened shirt he made and was proud of, (as well he should be.) Those two must enjoy a mutual love of silk. 

Dr. Elizabeth Darvas is a teacher of water color painting, – she teaches at the Casselberry Art House – Linda Moore is always singing her praises.  such colorful bookmarks might distract you from reading, haha – she is an inspiration to her students.

Several painters were among the artists, Liz Rios,  was a newer painter who is showing a lot of talent, she shared a table with Linda Jacobs who teaches and I might be wrong, but think Liz had been taking classes with Linda.
Matthew Young is into graphics, murals and more  loved his dogs in that painting —

Jewelry maker Chappy Casuals, Cathy Chapman Jewelry had a lot of  lookers:

Mike Moore of Classic Reflections, a seasoned photographer for weddings/special occasions/scenery and more had a lot of his work displayed, loved the old Kodak as his card holder —  excuse the light from the windows giving a bit of glare and the lights from above doing more ‘paw prints’ on his beautiful work. He had a thorough presentation of lots of photography.  Excuse my faulty pic. go to his website, he has a gallery of talent.
The kittens added fun when they arrived with Spay n Save – the artists loved holding the babies.   Such a great and furry distraction to get thinking off topic!      

I know Lindy has a good time directing people into image change, she is a genuine helper of people. Then I realized that  I didn’t  get a good picture of Lindy! I appreciate her time with hours and hours of putting the whole ‘sha-bang’ together for the promotion of art and the animal services and I have nothing to show you of our hostess.    If you need to contact,
I’m sure the show photographer from   B-Shots Photo Services, got a lot of good photos, he was all over the place, even making me pose. I insisted on me taking his picture, fair is fair after all!
Thanks to caterer from Jerry’s Restaurant 407-767-5543 on Rangeline and 434 in Longwood. The veggie sub was very fresh and hit the spot. 

Thanks to all who came to see and support us! Thanks Bonnie and Beda, thank you Bonnie for the purchase. Thanks for my family including Andrea, Lee and Mary Lee for having a peek. Adam, thanks for ongoing support and all your help packing up and putting stuff away. It was so good seeing Paul Ingwahlson, and Leslie and Oral and thank you for coming out after a day of attending graduation.  Judy Segall . thanks for coming after a grueling day of work, we are always glad for a Judy appearance!
The all Volunteer staff of Spay and Save are to be commended for the tireless work they do to save the lives and quality of lives for animals. Please be kind to animals and support your local and national organizations trying to make a difference in those animal lives.
Now after the fact, after the day of setting up and taking down, “schlepping” –   I really am not anxious to do these venues again, there’s got to be a better way to build the mousetrap.   what to do, how to change and quit running in place, or how many people do run in place and keep running?  Do I want to be one? I enjoy being in the company of my fellow artists, it is inspiring, there are many good stories and advice you gain like this, but I would rather do the gallery side,  exhibit that way. Now, I must find a new style, a new ‘flair’ to bring to my art,  a new quest on this path like an escalator track where I can’t find the rabbits because they move too fast, the madhatters blindside me with their promises and speculation, the witch is dead, the braincells in my head are cancelled due to lack of sleep, oh I hope I can sleep and brainstorm at the same time, I have to find the right path on this art journey, it’s 5 :15am tired of the circle, tired of the circle, tired of the circle, tired…  (and no more ice tea after midnight and cookies after midnight, no wonder I’m chasing the madhatter)