Sorry to have neglected you, I have been busy busy as my son got married and now it’s the end of the world, wait, I have too much to do before the quake kills us off. Here’s the last moon we shall see from a quiet 5:45am – that’s for Aurora Rincon who asked me last night what phase the moon was in, ( if you go downtown, make sure to stop at the Gallery at Avalon for her and Robin Pedrero’s exhibit, Amalgamation. 

  The wedding was on a beautiful night at a gorgeous setting at a small Bed and Breakfast in Auburndale called Town Manor.      It’s on a wonderful lake and the water was flat and fish jumped! I wish I had brought a pole! (Is that appropriate thought as a bride and groom exchange vows with a lake behind them?) But I did have my camera and enjoyed taking shots of the happy couple and my grandbaby.  
We stayed out at the Omni Championshipgate, it’s quite a plush hotel known for their golf course.  I was up on the 12th floor and the view was great, I could see for miles, unfortunately, that was looking off to the fringes of Haines City, not a big visual treat. But in the early morning I enjoyed watching the hot air balloons floating  so smoothly around a cloudless sky.

      I don’t think I really want to fly in one, but it looked wonderfully free! I watched them land and all went perfectly. If only I was not such a coward about flying!

As for nature, the baby crane is looking almost full grown , its the bird on the left. Here they are swimming back to crane island.   

The weather has been hot, was cool the first of the week and Friday it was 92, I could feel my skin sizzle as I went down toward the lake and weeded. Now I can haul in that 10 pound bass I’m going to catch one day!
The end of the world is predicted Saturday, (today YIKES)..  I should go out and max out my credit cards and be on a 5 star vacation somewhere – if only I had such faith that it would not bite my butt with tortured karma. If I was a believer, I  would do something compulsively crazy, but instead, being on the straight and narrow path of skepticism, I went last night to the opening reception for  the Casselberry Art exhibit, Wildlife in Color. I submitted 6 pieces and wondered what got put up. Linda Moore the coordinator always puts together great art venues and I really think I can speak for all of us artists when I say we appreciate her hard work.
First of all, I was curious to see what animals would be there. The Care Foundation — a non-profit animal sanctuary was good enough to bring out a few of their animals. They house tigers, a cougar, birds, monkeys, reptiles and more. They are located in Apopka, go enjoy a few hours of seeing animals up close and personal, they give personal tours. They need donations to feed so many rescued animals, please be generous when you go. 

It took about a dozen pictures to capture that beautiful blue tongue on that skink.

Inside City Hall were work sby artists,  JenniferBenson, Nancy Blauer, Kathryn Brayon-Tanke, Marcia De Broske, Mindy Colton,  Pam Cordero, Johanna Drummond, Bill Galbreath, Pauline Kettler, Karen King, Robert J. Manning, Rae Marie, Bob Mier, Alfredo Mujica, Doris Smart and me, have a look at some of the work:  

Robert J. Manning and his delicious art made of utensils – he calls it “dining with art”.  I saw him at a Sanford exhibit in one of these past blogs and he is so impressive to have thought of such a use of spoons, forks and knives forged into soaring eagles and scorpions! 

I am going to show a few photos of the exhibit with no names attached as it is the end of the world and I have gotten selfish about time. Your job is to go have a close look at the wonderful nature exhibited.

There is much more work and I apologize if I did not get all artists work, I didn’t get some of the wonderful pieces on the first floor, there are many sculptures too, so please when you go up and down 17/92, stop at Casselberry City Hall,. exhibit will be up until early July. Pauline Kettler, I apologize for blurring your frogs, they are precious, she has notecards too! 

The Art House was rockin with 4 painters who had all gone to New Mexico and painted some of the same sceneries at the same time from different perspectives, Sally Evans, Tom Sadler, Brenda and Mark Hofreiter   had beautifully captured the landscaped.


Go see both exhibits and enjoy the surroundings, the walkway and the view inside and out!  

Go live today like it’s the end of the world – EMBRACE LIFE!!!

P/S – Special thanks for the support of all those who came out, thanks Lindy, Joanne and Tony, Mary K. and Jim, and my kids, (that includes Heather) and Bobbo, thanks for the f-stop bracelet, it will remind me I must learn aperture! AND REMEMBER, if the quake doesn’t destroy the earth, come out Wednesday to the Art Show at Longwood Community Center from noon to 7pm –  on Facebook here’s the link –!/pages/City-of-Longwood-Art-Show/118967408181339

There will be many artists with their media for sale, pet adoptions and food, what the heck, spend your money on things that give you pleasure!