A hawk happened to come visit as I was going out to fish.      It sat on a branch overlooking the lake, below the two heron nests, vision was concentrated on the ripples in the lake, waiting for the opportunity of a meal.  I had my camera and took a few pics, it’s back was to me, but it turned and gave me some “blue steel” looks.

There is something quite ‘macho’ about this bird, this raptor.  Vigilant, yet cautious, it senses every change, direction of the wind, the scent on the air,  a ripple at the far end of the lake. It turns to the direction of the crow that has been eating some of my hard fishing bread.  The crow has taken more than a mouth full, as much as it could carry away, take to the lake, drop in and soak to soften before eating.   
The heron babies are quite vocal, the nest over in my neighbor’s yard are the oldest babies, almost ready to fly,   

    the video shows them asserting their dominance with each other. It is quite noisy when so many babies are wanting their meals. As soon as the parent flies up with the food, they make a lot of noise, heads going up and down each trying to grab the lions share. There are two babies over there and I have two nests with a total of five babies, (I think). They are still about 6 weeks younger, but just as vocal. The funny thing is, as soon as the parent flies from the nest, they stay quiet.  

The sunsets and rises lately have been dramatic, Easter was beautiful,   These two pics.

Other mornings just as good — the sun comes up huge and fiery these mornings, heats us up pretty fast.      Today it was just like summer, intense heat like a spa.  The sunsets also – the sky changes so much at night.  

The clouds have been teasing us, looks like rain is just within reach and then off it goes sliding on past.

The lake water is back down again. Hope we will get some afternoon thunderstorms too.

The baby crane is growing tall and leggy,  I see them daily, each night they are back on the nest till about 6:30am and then making rounds. 

And here’s a look at a few other critters: 


Just a little Spring interlude, now look around, get up and watch a sun rise, take a hand and enjoy a sunset. Let all your senses take life in, sniff the air,  let the wind brush against you, there’s so much to keep one occupied, take the time to find a hobby and let it give you pleasure, the details in nature have called to me and I enjoy documenting the little natural world around me. If one person looks and enjoys, that means I have done my job —