Got up before 6am and watched the sun rise, today was going to be the Art Walk/4th Friday in Sanford and what a beautiful day. 62 degrees at that hour, just beautiful outside listening to all the bird activity.

The cranes took their sweet time getting off the island and the herons are thriving, I think there are about 5 heron babies between the two nests.

the crane father flies to shore to wait, then the mother watches till the baby gets half way there and she flies over and they wait till their offspring makes it to shore and off they go to find food all day.   The baby is growing fast!

Two of the band of bother mallard ducks flew over my head under that peachy sky. 

morning was beautifully orange and I wondered if I would see manatees at the marina, so I drove up to look.

The water was flat and lots of fishing poles were starting to line the bank. 

  They cast their poles out and hoped to watch that line tug with a fish on the end.  

There were no manatees in sight and this would be a day when you could see every detail about them. I stopped and got out and walked and looked up and down the marina. I turned and went back a second time, was there about almost 2 hours and never saw one, though did see 4 gators.   They leisurely floated way off from the shore.  

In all that time I didn’t see anyone catch anything, not even a gator thank goodness because those gators were huge.
I saw a homeless cat, and homeless people sleeping on all their belongings.

The day looks very calm,

This was an actual one legged mallard. If I had a net, I would have kidnapped him and taken it away from that nasty water to my lake. The marina water has a creepy sheen around there, loose fuel and oils.  That duck looked lonely.
If it would have flown to the backside of that marina where the hotel is, it would have had some company.

Whoops did not sharpen images again – oh well – have a great weekend – hope all is smooth sailing! Keep reading more tonight, scroll down…

ART WALK – it was a very colorful and fun one too. At Art Affair Gallery it was Bohemian night, it was also artist, Peter Cerreta’s birthday.     There was a cake and cheese fondue and Godiva chocolate fondue, both sinfully good, though the cake had not been cut so figured I would come back for a piece.

In the middle room with the food was the artwork of many locals, (me included) that will be up until May 22.  

Marie DeCosta has new art up – a must see! Terrific work, have a look –

And having Sadie come to visit was so nice, she is a beautiful dog, what a coat! 

Had fun watching the music, drumming by Svoboda Holt,  Al on sitar, excellent job! Loved seeing Tom and Leon and Ronda having a good laugh.   

Trish Vevera was painting in front of the gallery:

Toelle Hovan was working on a colorful piece also – it’s not finished yet. Love that panda.

On over to The Historic Sanford Welcome Center, and the art was an exciting array of different media and the theme was obviously about people.  Loved the “Flower Girl” decorated by the Sanford Florist!  She was petaled up and down in her lovely red gown.
Also ran into Alfredo Mujica who had two stunning pieces, loved this one, the artist Alfredo and his work.

The place was buzzing, the artwork quite pleasing and the brownies were fantastic…

Matt the Saxx guy was there too. I think next month might be the last month for an exhibit before going on hiatus for the summer.
On to the Gallery On First. Cherie Dacko’s space is always a treat to look at, her dimensional work is so different and interesting.  I did not take a photo in her booth, but recommend you have a look and a smile!

Found out that Mother and daughter team Sharon Hyder and Lori Anne Harris  have added another family member with a booth at the Gallery On First,  Andrew Hyder.
Andrews dimensional work and painting flow nicely, that is one talented family, here’s Andrew’s work: The nude and camels and roman piece too.

Andrew said he loved camels, it showed.  His adorable wife was there as was their dog, Diva, Diva is a tiny Russian dog that is very rare.
what a sweetie she is.

DIVA:  How cute is it in its’ glasses and it wore a pink dress.


Then on to Divine Mother Earth which has re-opened with vigor and there will also be an expansion in June, Have a look at the assortment of many items they have inside from jewelry, to sandals, skirts, belly dancing belts and tops, skirts, incense, wonderful clothes to be worn with happiness because that’s what they exude! 

I must go during the day and get brighter pics of the assortment of jewelry and the details on the printed skirts and tops available – so very unique, tomorrow’s a good day to go and enjoy a day in downtown Sanford.   

So back I went to have a piece of birthday cake, but it was all gone! Just crumbs from Peter’s cake. So I patted Sadie, said goodbye, and walked on to my truck passing the tall, great dane I have seen before,
Also want to mention the work that Sharon and Lori Anne who did a wonderful job of cheering up the new Dental Dept. at the Seminole County health Dept. They painted up a ‘mural’ storm so the patients can relax and enjoy the scenery while having dental work done. Have a look:  Photos courtesy of Denice Ward:

And that’s it for Friday, which is now Saturday.  I am craving birthday cake, but there’s nothing like that around.  I need a dress for my son’s wedding, am waiting to shop Monday when all the Easter dresses go on sale. And speaking of clothes, Bohemian night was fun at Art Affair, everyone was decked out, Viv in her long skirt, Ronda in her hat and striped dress, Tom in full hippie regalia, Toelle looking festive with her headband and bright top. They all joked about their funny clothes, probably  went home and put them away their outfits till they need it for another ‘costume’ venue. Not me, I’ll wear the funny stuff again next week I suppose,  hey, don’t be jealous of my tie dye…