First the moon, tonight and last night, both nights featured a moon that was bigger than the “super” moon! It is gorgeous out there, but spray spray spray as the mosquitos are hungry and terrorizing beasts!  

Was trying to work on photos for the CityArts Factory exhibit of Pop Art, thought I would put a few in the show and ordered a few prints to be made in Sanford, thought these might work,  have to also use nature in Pop Art too!  

Baby Gaga as Pop Art.  And of course Warhol the Pop art king 

But when I went to pick up my prints, the email had not gone through! So much for submitting! I took my self and wandered the marina for solace since my camera was already in the car. Of course it is spring, there are so many baby ducks!  

on land and in water  

babies are everywhere.

Earlier I noticed the dragonflies in full force around my own lake. 

At the marina I don’t notice any, why are none at Lake Monroe?
I did walk the marina a bit and saw the same things that have photographed before. But when I turned at looked to my left near the flag, and look,

no, that”s not an island, it’s a manatee, there were 3 that I could make out. 

the manatees were rolling in the water! I kept focusing on trying to get the faces, but it was so very hard! 

I tried uploading the videos from youtube and each was rejected. I think youtube is having problems as I have talked to a few others who also had problems. I will try again later or tomorrow, so come back and check in a day or two – I will leave you with these images and will be back in Sanford tomorrow, if they are there, I will try and see if I can take a few more pics. getting their faces was almost impossible. They seemed to like keeping undercover!  And the best part of nature like this – it draws people together! Suddenly people of all faiths, political views, backgrounds, all find a common denominator and have a smile for each other –I like that!   Look at manatees on link below


Mama duck doesn’t think she wants her babies  jumping down off the ledge!