Let’s start with cats. There is a method to our madness in the morning. I get up and Frankie and Sealy are complaining about breakfast.      So I load up their dish and then Ringo is usually out the front or back door waiting for his food and as soon as he sees me, he’s chatting up a storm. He’s totally a ‘take out’ kind of cat, can’t be bothered with the line that forms in the kitchen. Ringo knows in the rank and file order of cats here, he is third, used to be fourth when Church was still with us.

Then there are the cranes, they come around most mornings looking for the bird food. The bird seed gets put out after the cats. I throw it on the stump and around the tree outside the window where my desk is.
The cranes are piglets, so I keep their meal light and when they leave, add some more for the ‘regulars’

It’s morning and Papa Cranes says where’s breakfast, then he comes on the porch if there is no food at the stump and terrorizes the cats.

Casting long shadows as Frankie bathes.  The cats always get away, usually run into the house as I keep the sliding doors open on mornings like this. Other mornings they hide under the porch furniture. 

Along comes Sasha, my son Aaron’s cat, she’s a tiny 2, maybe 3 pound,  2 year old Chinchilla Persian who lived with a chihuahua, one of those little Mexican, hyper dogs whose name is Bella.

Bella hates the idea of a cat in her domain, after all, Bella has lived with her parents for years before Sasha was brought home.
Bella has made sure sweet Sasha knows that she is not needed and snaps at her all the time, UNLESS, Bella is in heat and then she actually thinks Sasha might be a suitor! Poor Sasha gets no respect and that’s the rest of the story, here she is at her new house with 3 other cats twice her size and much older.  They are not exactly what you would call the welcome wagon!
You can see 19 year old Frankie is not too happy that Sasha is on Frankie’s desk. (Frankie is bullying her like the cranes bully Frankie).

  Sasha is trying to fit in and seems very happy exploring.  Ringo has not even tried to do anything, we are watching him closely!

Another cat tale is Lola, my daughters cat who got a bacterial infection in her eye and they had to use her third eyelid as a new cornea to repair the damaged right eye. Glad to say her eye is getting clearer every week,  thanks so much to those of you who have asked about her.
We love our cat cousins, sometimes on a rare occasion, one might even come to visit. 

Last night was Alive After 5 in Sanford and they held a shrimp fest. The attendance was huge, they even blocked off First street closer to 17/92 and put in a small antique car show and great band.  

There were more people than  I have seen in a long long time! The food lines were long, the art was fun and saw some regulars such as the Glass blower Steven Monser from Longwood, (monserglassstudio.com)  He’s starting to do glass blowing glasses, 407-328-7246.
Sandra Sheetz Wise painting one her surreal pics,  she teaches lessons to and is an international selling artist, 407-404-2550.

Saw the Barges and their pottery and wood, was chatting and forgot to take a photo, but they are on past Alive After 5 blogs. Also a shout out to G.K. Sharman who was not manning her own table but enjoying the food. She has a photography book on sandhill cranes available at the Historic Sanford Welcome Center.

My daughter appeared with her dear friends,  that’s Andrea in the white top — I lost her to the crowd though.  

I was absorbed by the sky and the moon which was drifting through the softest veil of clouds. 

The weather was perfect!  I couldn’t help feeling there was as much going on in the sky as there was on the ground.

I by passed all the other places to take mostly street scenes, the music at each end of the street was fantastic. There’s dancin’ in the streets! 

And did stop by to see Ronda who was so proud of her new artists and Tracy Burke’s newest additions – what a provacative Art Affair Gallery look!    Loved Hendrix by Beckner, if I only had a wall for it. 

New artwork and art space, Beau Wild and her Mardi Gras Series 

Lisa  Lamb did the woman below in yellow and red http://www.artaffairgallery.com and you can look up each artist. 

Photographer,  Donna Palmer Oldham who digitally works her photography now has a booth and is doing well. 
My buddy Tom Abbott’s red and gray work is a trip with it’s dimensional twists and turns 

  new artist Betsy Hughes is colorful, as is Toelle Hovan who has many paintings and teaches also 

GO TO SANFORD THIS WEEKEND, Farmers Market tomorrow!

     and as I made my way around I saw Bonnie Sprung who was set designer for the play at JCC
http://www.orlandojcc.org  — Arsenic And Old Lace  this weekend is the last.  http://bonniesprung.com/

Imissed Jeanine’s Gallery and other stores, but that’s why you all must go visit to see what is new. I know my friends Sharon Rae Hyder and Lori Anne Harris have an exhibit at the Seminole County Health Dept. on Airport Blvd. in Sanford -I plan on seeing it later as I missed their reception.

And that’s that! I got home did some fishing and enjoyed the ever changing sky  and beautiful moon
enjoy Sting and this soothing song –
Bye from bug-eyed Sasha and me…