The sun blew up over the lake yesterday and the cranes came ashore to feed the baby crane, it’s getting taller and is very sturdy. 

I went over to Lake Mary and talked with some of the businesses about taking local work from local artists. It seems that Lake Mary did away with Paint The Town which is a shame, but hopefully they will keep plugging away for local artists to have venues to show off their art.
I stopped at Nico Globos,   407-878-5804  124 North 4th Street Lake Mary, it smelled wonderful! They are open for breakfast, lunch & dinner, every day, except  for dinner on Sunday & Monday. Tuesday, it’s buy two dinners, get a bottle of free wine. The menu is reasonable, has a lot of choices, very continental, items like Roasted New Zealand Lamb Shank, Gyros, & Curried chicken – Dominick who is in charge over there was kind enough to hang two of my pieces and it is much appreciated.   Here’s a look: 

Thanks Dominic! Will see you next week to eat lunch!

There’s my two photos, the first is on rice paper, the colorful one is a metallic print, both of Sanford Marina.

There was a new shop I found that has been open a couple months, A small antique shop called The Farmers Wife On Country Club, a pleasant place with all kinds of things from our pasts, Go have a look around, there’s several rooms of goodies.

This is on Country Club across the street from the ice cream/gelati place .

I noticed the shopping center with the Florist and antique shop that is across the street had several signs on a few of the shops saying building was unsafe. A tree had fallen through the back and they are restoring the building. Felt bad for the renters!     They seem to be open for business, just have to check the status if you go there.

Back where Nico Globus is, the shops seem to be busy, Flippers Pizza, and a decorator shop, Florida Living Quarters had a nice display for things they can order to personalize your place. They do it all for the interior of your home, phone 877-FLQ-0008 Ext 2. –

crystal lighting

by Regina Andrews. Red light by Red Curry Co,  couch by E. J. Victor.   

And the gift shop Coastal Gifts and Decor is just truly a fun place to visit with jewelry, baby clothes, glass, lots and lots to see!  Take a look at Switch Flops – ever hear of them? they are flip flops you buy and can over the sides with many different looks, The woman who made them lives in Winter Park and has made millions of her product – truly amazing concept  

Also fun was the magnet chains and faces,   The idea was to buy a necklace and you can stick hundreds of round pieces of art to it – should be popular —

Heres’ a look at more  inside the Coastal Gifts and Decor shop:  

Stop in and look around – sooo much fun!

Sophie and Trey has a lot of fun jewelry and reasonably priced clothes   – and the Sweet shop looks quite happy!  AND then you wind up back to Nico Globos again. Every Saturday is the Lake Mary Farmers market, get up and go shopping, have a look at all the wonderful things and services and eateries in the tiny downtown It might be small, but they pack a punch and I guarantee once you see it, you will be back, GO SATURDAY – get the economy rolling!

And don’t forget the other businesses behind City Hall, Like Pierre’s Wine Shop, the yoga studio, spa, hair styling and Delanos. Go walk the Farmers Market and then eat lunch, you have wonderful choices! And end there, have company this weekend, enjoying my granddaughter, it’s tough looking at all the baby accessories at coastal. 

And the moon tonight,  

Fishing sucked again, too many turtles!  

Don’t worry, he just had to flip over and hurry back to the lake… Enjoy a beautiful day!