I was assured by the instructor of the class I took last night that if I had a catchy blog title, I would draw big numbers in my stats as a contingent of gawkers would be checking out my site waiting to read the story or see images of a title that drew them in. Nude blogging sounded like it would work. Now I am sorry to announce it’s not about nude blogging, the best I can do is give you an image for your troubles,  how’s peach crack?

l’m sorry, blame that on the instructor. Yes,  I decided to fork over $60 bucks to sit in on a class of about 10 that was geared to Bogging for Photographers.  I did it to dig into the sub culture behind all the fine details. There’s language I just don’t know how to speak, geek language like meebo and rss, acronons, initials, secret code that cracks the secrets behind successful blogging. Heck, I don’t know half the features on that menu I’m looking at to the left as I write now. I see icons that read like hieroglyphics.
The guy who put it together has an impressive photography site and can shoot a great photo and seems to blog well, so I drove over arguing with myself out loud about spending $60 on a class that could easily go into the tank of my truck as gas. But figured, maybe I will really learn something, it might be the best $60 ever spent.
I sat back and listened, he was personable and told us if we didn’t get what he was saying, (and he did talk fast),  to ask questions. He gave us hints on quite a few things, the first hour passed and I got some of what he was saying, but if he thought I was going to raise my hand and show off my deficient mental capacity’,  he was wrong. And apparently I was not alone, one person in the parking lot afterwards also noted that 2 hours was not enough to learn blogging like this.
You can see by my notes, I got far behind when he got into details, my mind just could not absorb, it drifted off to space as I doodled, ‘lost’, ‘confused’, ‘no brainer’, and I meant them all literally.  It took me back to a science class in middle school at Simon Perkins with Mr. Evans, for some reason he decided to take out whatever demon possessed him that day on me and when I did not get an answer correct twice, he came over and tore up my papers in front of the class and didn’t do it to anyone else. I was humiliated, but was steely and did not cry – it felt traumatic, I was not a person who could learn like others, you have to show me hands on, I’m still that way.
I knew this guy would not tear up my papers and I noticed the girl next to me stopped taking notes also, (he said he would email up notes, but so what do I do with those when I still am at a loss for the details that need to be shown?)    For $60 I could have hired a personal tutor! I would say I got maybe $19 worth, he can send me a refund for the balance. I didn’t even take pictures either so what can I show you? How about some nature since the last blog–
The baby crane is strong, the herons have a nest full of babies up in the trees but I can only hear them. We have had wonderful inches of rain and my grandbaby and grand niece were here, so here’s a view of reality and I guess I will go back to being technically bankrupt for now…

I learned you should sharpen for the size that you use and I have never done that, let me see what happens,
why that is better, I have never sharpened before and guess I could have even sharpened it more.

having fun with grand niece..

weather yesterday took a violent turn in the morning when a cold front came through. The sky blackened to the north, then  terrific lightning and earth shaking thunder hit, and then came pea sized hail banging on the metal roof of my porch. The house vibrated with wave after wave of thunder! The energy of the storm sucks you in, creates an excitement vacuum  for the unknown and how we needed the rain. Got a few inches, enough to cover my small meter in the lake, but still could use 4 more feet at least! 

grackle singing in the rain 

grackles still came out to drink and sing, the baby grasshoppers are blackening the plants.  

This morning it is all sunshine and cool air. I must find a dress for my son’s wedding, I tried once and hated everything I bought and took it all back, here I go again – UGH, I HATE SHOPPING, and I hate thinking I hardly took anything away from that class.
How is it some people can go about doing computer things and absorb them so easily? I see people my age all the time who have figured all this out, I just have to fake my ‘absorbtion’ – being dumb is not as easy as it looks…
And here’s a view through my window this am: