Where do I file a missing baby crane alert? I woke up after 8am this morning and missed the swim over as is the usual procedure for them to come over at about 7am.
I was at the computer and looked out my desk window and see the cranes, with only one baby! 

I immediately went out looking around as my neighbor had to rescue one colt Monday when it was lagging behind the parents and a white dog that she did not recognize came out of nowhere and was getting close to the baby. She said she scooped up the baby and went immediately to where the parents and sibling were and put it down with them and the cranes did not even act aggressive about her having it.

I have combed the yard and down by the seawall,  over the property where they have probably been this morning which has mainly been here on my property and next door.
Did something grab it on the way swimming over here? Was it last night? I was gone too when they swam back to the marsh last night, was it missing then?  watch?v=V6yjY2tptZY
The video inserted was the last time I saw it come over – ah, nature is so very cruel. I am so sad, the parents carry on with their one purpose, the feeding of the oldest crane. It was a weird story from the start with the difference in days during egg laying, and many things  were not the normal circumstance for the cranes and they have been part of my life since 2004, the same couple. This is the very first time they have lost a baby. My heart is heavy now,  the day is gray lending itself to mourning. I feel like Atreyu in his grief in The Never Ending Story when he goes to The Swamp of Sadness and his horse is so overcome by saddness, the animal succumbs to the swamp. Nature is  cruel! All I can wonder is will it show up somewhere, and more sadly, how did it go? That’s the part I hate to think about!
Here’s the latest pictures and for more of the past story about the births,  my blog at my website has the hatching details, just click the blog listing at the left of the picture.

Here’s the last pictures taken of the weaker baby and it’s older sibling

yesterday from my desk, I could see it peeking through the grass as it’s parents fed on bird seed.  Then it’s brother joined it for s snooze. You can see the younger one cutting those pint sized zzzzz’s.

and there the younger one is waking up and stretching those little biddy wings.

Rest In Peep little baby! RIP!