First for birthday news, the second baby crane has hatched, for all info and blog on that, please visit: Go to the blog at bottom of galleries, there are new pictures of the second egg.

After a day of watching the unhatched egg, I was already for the Art Walk tonight. I was psyched to go see B. Farrell Beckner’s “Santuary of Light” and to meet Parker Sketch and see his game art at Huge Fish Little Pond. The weather was perfect, 83 degrees, and very pleasant breeze. I stopped off first to see Parker.   That tall guy to the left is Parker and he really makes a wall fun with his rendition of game art.  
The fisheye looked great on his work, you had to leave with a smile on your face, (and a slice of pizza in my hands.) Parker will be at Lee James Gallery at CityArts Factory on April 21st.
Enjoy! email:
Then to my home gallery, Art Affair, all was looking good there and Michael a musician was taking charge for Ronda was was at another gallery where the traveling art was exhibiting tonight.  Here’s a look, 

I even ran into my son and Heather talking to Leon, the Lake Mary Food Critic!  He enjoyed Parker’s exhibit too. 
I was itching to get back to the darkened room where under black light, B. Farrell Beckner had his work. It did not disappoint! I was instantly shifted to the early seventies parties where walls were painted black with black light posters, while trippy people were all around and you sat on the floor and ‘rapped’ about the Viet Nam War, college, protests, the SDS and Weathermen, Abbe Hoffman, Alice B. Toklas. Where were the Merry Pranksters and Timothy Leary? Whoa, I loved it! Of course, inside that room was only the artist and myself, but the feel was impacting, soothing, and though we did not recline on pillows on the floor, we did ‘rap’ about his work and I learned he painted in a dark room to see how his work would look under black light since he paints with flourescent paint. My only criticism,  music, warm up the audience, maybe some soft Pink Floyd, Led Zep, some Hendrix, I can’t get enough “The wind cries Mary” watch?v=NwNQoazwf2Y how about a little comfortably numb? watch?v=tkJNyQfAprY&feature=related Here’s a few looks. Go see for yourself..
The full moon was so cool, loved the crescent moon, the 60’s musicians. He showed me a picture painted after listening to music, one of a swimmer, then asked if I knew the face he pointed to:
I guessed it was mystic, Aleister Crowley, but it was Big Brother –
contact through Art Affair Gallery 407-466-6365
Anyway, enjoyed the mind bending and headed out to the Welcome Center which had a blend of High school student art and conventional painting and the kids won hands down, I adored the robots and bikes and bent metal objects making an exhibit you really talked about, I really thought the paintings were nice, but too “safe”, they should have given room for more excitement on the walls this month to compliment the fun art on the floor!  Don’t be a hater, just sayin’ I would have liked to seen big color, abstracts, something less conventional.  A peek at the Sanford Welcome Center Art.

and loved the robo cop  I voted for it to win. So many things to look for in Sanford aren’t there! At The Gallery on First, there was a new face on the block, Booth #2 – Nancy Chenet who had paintings and photography and was so excited to enjoy her new space, good luck Nancy.
She has note cards and cool lighted bottles for sale too.  website,

On over to the Sanford Florist, it had been a while, but as usual, they are a class act with a wide range of flowers, floral arrangements and gifts – go there and see them for your gift giving, they can accommodate! 

Enjoy their shop, it is totally calming and fun to spend time in and the people behind the counters could not be nicer!
I moved ahead to see Rae Marie and Alfredo over at Framing 508,  people were going in and out of that hub, so happy Rae Marie is now settled in and she looks very happy!
I kind of thought I would try and get home and go fishing as it was still light, but noticed nextdoor at Riverhouse Pottery, it was Cecil Herrings’ 80th birthday and she was in house celebrating with art and friends and bubbles and flowers. I have not met her before, but am a fan of her artwork and with the next pictures, you will see why, she personifies excitement, movement, vitality:

Her sculptures are magical, she has a vivid imagination and a lust for life, that comes through on anything Cecil!
And not to mention that the Riverhouse Pottery Shop has jewelry, glass, paintings, ceramics, and much more to enjoy when looking for something special.
Cecil — Congrats to a big birthday and many more with good health and more art!
And off for home, but figured, why not stop for some soup at Panera. On the way I saw the Mall had a carnival, so had to take just a few shots, must be color sensory overload!
Back in the days of high school, (the 60’s) Giant Tiger was our Target. And they always had parking lot carnivals. they were so much fun, so full of lousy, but good food, cheap rides, lots of friends, and doing just what you
had fun doing in high school. What a difference from 40+ years ago and that number is even hard to look at and think it pertains to me – yikes!

Back out to Sanford. On my way out to second street to where I parked, the sun gave the buildings the Florida orange glow.

Bikes lined up near The Wet Spot Bar

Ummm, somehow wordpress is not letting me put spaces between last sets of photos, these blogs sites are killing me with rules!  And if we have to go back to a time when music was the very best, lets add a few of my favs via my digital art!  

Oh, the crow is for B. Farrell Beckner – I told him I had done one too…

Good Evening as Alfred Hitchcock would say, or rather Good morning seeing as it is going on 3am – I hope I dream of carnivals and colors and old rock stars and being 17!