There’s nothing like waking up to the sound of cat wretching! A 6:15am alarm in which a cat is within inches of the hard tile, but always prefers bedroom carpet. And of course, there’s not just one place on the carpet, she ‘yaks’ on a couple. So much for getting more than 4 hours of sleep, I’m wide awake for now wondering if the egg(s) will hatch today!
Yesterday I was outside checking every time I saw the crane stand up. I did see a hole in one of the eggs, but no real cracks.  Hoping today is the day! Last night the fishing sucked, but I was entertained once again by a single otter looking at me while I filmed him.   The moon was still a beautiful sight, and did not rise till really late and was kept in bondage by the trees for a while,  
Looked like one of the cranes eggs. Maybe I even dreamed about them, I can’t recall.
This morning it is a big foggy and gray looking,   Mama crane is just sitting peacefully, Papa crane is out getting breakfast.  The crows are cawing from high above me in the trees and fighting with the mockingbirds who dive bomb them.  

that’s taken from my old stock, but you get the idea. – will keep posting throughout the day with pics and updates.  A good morning to you from me and a lap and deskload of Frankie and Sealy,     here’s some color to start your day with,   Catch ya later….
9:15am Still in bathrobe and jams and thank goodness I have no vanity issues because I have been outside at my neighbors taking pics – the baby has arrived, I waited and finally will have video in a bit, but here’s a couple pics:  

There’s more to this, the otter, he is an opportunist, what will happen with the second egg? If the second egg does not hatch within a day or more, will the parents leave the nest to bring the baby to shore and feed as they always do? In that case, the otter might be around to nab the second egg – or will the mother wait so long for the second egg to hatch, will this baby starve? There are many variables in this story because of the length of time between egg laying. This will be an education for us all on how they treat this birth. I am hoping nature will not be cruel and this baby will be well fed and they will wait for the second egg to hatch and the otter will not get anything! Check out morning in abbesworld   march 23, 2011 in abbesworld