OH NO, oil prices spiked  yesterday in trading – I guess I need to ride a bike with a cart attached soon. What is the magic number at the pump when I stay home most of the time, quit going to art venues and only venture out for well planned tight runs to save gas? I did not pay attention to pump price today, but seems it is really going to spike! Get this oil monkey off our backs!  We need to run our vehicles on garbage — or maybe animal crap, I could get a lot of mileage from what I clean out of the cat box daily and what my neighbors dogs leave on my yard – all we need is a strong lobby for animal waste, I can see it now, “dump” boxes at the end of every street for animal waste collected for make fece-fuels, the new source of energy. Well, when I think about the smell from the vehicle exhaust clouding up and the air reeking of catbox, I’d much prefer a battery operated car. But as it is, I am dependent on gas and off I went to Casselberry Monday to pick up my taxes. On the way I thought I’d stop at the Casselberry Art House and then backtrack.
The Art House had the Artist League of Orange County on display – nice looking exhibit, beautiful batiks, if you are traveling up and down 17/92 passing Casselberry, stop and have a look.
Aren’t I a horrible tease, you must go make your own impression!
I walked some of the bridge walk way,   , the day was another perfect one, going to be 83, hardly any breeze, light clouds.  I didn’t see any turtles sunning by the banks, but did see one odd fish in the shallows with stuff clinging to the back of it.
There were no birds visible,  though I did hear grackles.  Next month they will be having a wonderful exhibit for Earth Day. http://www.casselberry.org/index.aspx?nid=338

I stopped at Another Full House (407) 699-3002 – 821 S Us Highway 17 92 Casselberry. It’s always fun looking at antiques. When you walk in it’s overwhelming, so many things to look at. Here’s a look at many beautiful pieces around the floor.  where to begin?

Lots of Blue Danube china.   always love Capodimonte.

I loved old carved wood.

love Deco! 

cool end tables, I think I saw the big coffee table too.

great piece, 

and that’s where I’ll stop – I’m busy waiting for a crane hatching in the next day or two or three.
Last night I was lucky enough to have fun watching the antics of three otters, they are just too fast to film! Fishing sucked, but critter watching was fun!   3 otters playing hide & seek from the camera
This morning full pestilence broke out with the birth of hundreds of baby southern lubbers poised to eat my plants to the bone. I put all I could find in a cup and off to the lake they went feeding the fish and the lucky birds who saw them and grab a quick meal. Aw life, gas $3.60 a gallon, eating lunch out about a week out of the month, $125, staying home and watching and photographing wildlife in the yard, priceless! Look around and enjoy nature!