Tonight is the revealing of the “supermoon”. It’s supposed to be a little bigger and a bit brighter then other full moons in the past 18 years as the orbit is bringing the moon closer to earth.  As you know, I love the moon and claim it as mine and I let all of you see it. There is nothing like the sight of the moon in the dark sky in any shape, if only we had more satellites, but I will settle for one.  I was wondering how much larger it will look than last nights view over the lake. That first photo is from last night’s vision.
I have photos from January 19th when the moon was full and looked huge, dwarfing the houses as it climbed overhead, I called my neighbor out to have a look at it. The orb seemed to dominate the scenery that night.  It was impressive, emerging bright and muscular, working it’s way straight up till it became a beacon of light in the darkness.
Right now it is 4:14pm so I have a while, but will be updating this later tonight.
Super Moon is not the only thing on my mind, it is the gravity of thought about the planet and the catastrophy in Japan with the quake, tsunami, blizzards and then radiation. How sorry I am for the country and for so many who have lost everything. And now we have Operation Odyssey Dawn, the international coalition of countries dropping bombs on Libya to try and get Khaddafy to ‘vam-moose’. These dictators have such big egos!  They also have billions at their disposal,  why not start a new life somewhere else – almost anywhere. Why not let the people have a say in the Libyan government for a change?  Khaddafy and his sons can live like rock stars or even like Donald Trump, they could even hire ‘The Don’ to build them the mansions of their dreams.  This gravity of bombing is another toss of the dice in the changing of the guard in the middle east. I am not one who wants to see another long term committment in the middle east. Who replaces Khaddafy? Who are these rebels and what is their position, how will it be better?
I guess this is why I must stick to nature photography, I can give up the gravity of reality for the uplifting spirit of the birds and animals and the moon pacing through it’s orbit. So here are a few pictures while I wait for my moon to make it’s appearance. The day has been gorgeous beyond belief, and I am so happy to know that the planes passing over my head are delivering international passengers to the airport up the road and not Tomahawk missiles!
Here’s some past moon pictures and a bit of wildlife to soothe the soul…

and speaking of the cranes, new hatchlings due this week so stay posted for the pictures. Now go enjoy the rest of your afternoon – and make sure to keep an eye to the east tonight after 7pm –
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catch ya later tonight!

It seemed like it took forever, but was worth the wait! Nice and large and orange as it lifted beyond the tangled pines.  Finally lifting to reveal it’s twin in the lake.  As the moon goes higher, it grows paler.

I love the telephoto on the new Canon, but I am still convinced the best clarity belongs to the Sony. The only drawback is once beyond a certain distance on the telephoto, the slightest move makes the camera shake and you must use a tripod.
I would say I expected the moon would be a bit larger actually, but it was still quite a stunning mass presented as a nightly gift, one I always treasure, no matter if a sliver, full, waning or waxing –  Enjoy the full moon, bathe in it’s light, enjoy being Moon Struck!