How did Monday get away? I was gardening, then running errands and the next thing I know, it’s 6:30 pm and I’m sitting with Sonja at my friend, Beda’s first Florida Writers Association meeting at Lake Mary Library.  Beda is one of the three coordinators and they welcome new members for a writers critique group.
They are off to a good start and next meeting is April 11th at the Lake Mary Library again, email me for any info, (
Have much to show and tell, been busy for past ten days babysitting and reality around me ceased. Yesterday was reception at University Club. Nature moves forward– First things first, have to get a couple baby pics out of the way.   My baby has started to creep around and sit up!  I was lucky enough to stay home with my babies, I have no idea how single Moms manage. Iyla is lucky to have such loving parents, and her Mom had to work in Daytona for 10 days leaving her Dad to figure out how he could work and have his baby cared for. That’s what grandparents and family are for, like I keep repeating it does take a village. I feel so happy to care for her and she is an easy baby to enjoy, on a good schedule too. When you babysit, one does have to concentrate on everything “baby”, I stayed in Tampa for 5 days then drove Iyla back to Orlando – the car ride was a screamer, literally! Between traffic and baby crying, I decided I will drive her 100 miles again when she is 5 – HAHA -but all in all, had a fantastic time bonding and that’s what it was all about! And then to have all my children and my grandbaby with me — well that’s Nirvana!   Okay, through gushing –
Sunday was art reception for Robin Pedrero and myself at the University Club of Winter Park, a place where I love exhibiting. We had a nice crowd, lots of support, here’s the few photos I took. Winter Park Magazine came with a photographer to give us some exposure next issue.

The University Club is always a fun venue especially because of Nita and Daphne our hostesses who see to it that we are accommodated in every way – Thank you ladies! Thank you U-Club!
Way too much to do today too, so be back later after I hand Dr. Caggiano’s patient rooms.
Okay really, where did Wednesday go now? and now it’s Thursday afternoon, I am tardy in getting my blogs out!
So much going on and at least for me it is busy work, nothing of the disaster that Japan has suffered. My heart hurts for all the loss they have sustained. And as if the quake and tsunami were not bad enough, the reactors are in critical condition and leaking after a few explosions. Scary to think that radiation could make it’s way to our west coast. They, (media) have been teasing, saying a plume of radiation could reach us in 2 days, and yet have heard also that it will not come.. Why they even build nuclear plants on teutonic plates is beyond me, it makes no sense that we have these plants sitting in California on the San Andreas fault – WHY would they risk this?
Add to Japan’s woes, a blizzard falling upon many who have no heat or electric, no water, dwindling food supplies and have lost everything – That is a black wave of water washing the vehicles over the road.  This littering of bright toys left behind is what remains of whole villages emptied of life.  I can only hope that the reactors don’t leak all that radiation, I hope these people can find their way past their sorrow and loss to build again, (on safer ground) –
For all my ranting about loss of time while complaining about weeding, errands, and daily minutia, I still have a home and my children are fine and accounted for, be thankful for what you have, it can be taken away in a matter of minutes – Now go hug someone and tell them you love them! A message I say often and mean it! Look around you and for as hard as your life might be at the moment, there’s always a brighter day! Happy St. Patty’s Day! GO GREEN!