Appreciate the sunset –

“Know what you want to do, hold the thought firmly, and do every day what should be done, and every sunset will see you that much nearer the goal.”

Several months ago, The Seminole Cultural Arts Council, (SCAC)  got together with Florida Hospital at Altamonte started a gallery within the hospital on State Rd. 436. They had calls to artists to send in work that would remain on rotation in the Hospital for 3 months. They began about three months ago and on this new rotation, I was lucky enough to have been chosen for two of my pieces and tonight was the artists reception. It was a lovely reception, though I was late by about 20 minutes and they had spoken to the other artists. So I got in just in time for the unveiling and the food. All was wonderful, have a look:   The Hospital had quite a glow as the sun was setting.  Inside a harpist was playing so softly,   
The food was much more than I had expected!  (That’s Nell Gyenes Executive Director for SCAC! )  Many different cookies for me the cookie monster, I could not keep track of which my sweet tooth favored.   and there was actual real food too, like spinach and mushroom quesadilla and bowtie pasta, cheese, fruit, veggies, etc etc, but of course, we were really there for the art, and the jurors who chose did an excellent job — and once again, I am so lucky to be among fellow artists whom I have known and respected.
Seminole County Cultural Arts Council  along with Florida Hospital Altamonte have made ‘healing’ art accessible to many who normally don’t get to galleries.  It brings a smile I’m sure from those passing down that hall to see family and friends. And to the patients giving a few minutes of relief from the heavy burden of thought from their own illnesses and lets those negatives evaporate into color, composition, and the love that artists have for their creative craft. We do it because we have to, we must, it’s the psyche prodding us on and the reward of people appreciating our efforts makes it all worthwhile! I think I can speak for all of the artists in thanking our hosts for their generous idea and giving us space. Bringing the SCAC  concept, “Art in Public Places program” into the limelight does everyone a favor. Artists included, (but must update later with physician artist)  Sharon Hyder, Lori Ann Harris, Myrna Cummings, Jennifer Clark, Margot Clark, Heather Nagy, Linda Amundsen, Phyllis Thomas, Dawn Shumard, Amy Cat Hulshoff, and me
Now, here’s the reception and only some of the work and you know I will leave it a bit vague so you have to go and take a look yourself!

Lori Anne Harris.    Margot Clark.

Linda Amundsen is always somewhere exhibiting around Seminole County and beyond.  My lily pads in black frame and  an Artist/Physician painted the heart, but did not remember to get the name, will add later to give her credit. I do have one more metallic print on the wall.  Not showing it, you must go to see.  Dawn  Shumard, Lakeside Reflections looked relaxing, except if you read my blog last time you knew I was seeing a green cast on every picture downloaded off  my new camera. It turned out it wasn’t the camera, but the picture program that my pictures automatically are downloaded into. Glad to know it’s not the camera, so green and I are friends again.
Myrna Cumming always has the support of her husband and I run into them quite frequently around Lake Mary. here’s one of her pieces.  She has manatees too.    Sharon Hyder.    There are more wonderful works for you to see,  I have not included all, so stop by  the bright hospital surroundings — the healing garden with its’ water features is a perfect place to reflect.  And if you are going to a doctors office, tell them they need to let local artists display their work — Give the locals a chance to ease the patients  pain even if it’s temporary.
I had written a few notes on one of the postcards they had with all the artists names and must have dropped it on my way to my car as I was juggling the rest of my cookies,  so will have to stop there again and get another ‘cheat sheet’.Thanks to Josie who was one of the Jurors with the Hospital for selecting the art, she was so welcoming and friendly, and Nell could not have been kinder. I had great chats with some of the artists, we were all so glad to be included. And that’s what art does connect and give 6 degrees of spearation – gotta catch some Z’zzzz now, exhaustion….