Actually I began this on Friday, now it’s Sunday night, so will just ramble and let it start at Friday and will finish with today at the Sanford Seminole Art Association members show – read on…

Had a lot of fun tonight, took my new Canon sx30 to Art walk in Sanford, at Art Affair Gallery I saw several artists and was showing my camera off and then did the fisheye setting and we were snapping pictures left and right and laughing up a storm!  OH, look at my funny face!
That’s artist Tom Abbott to my left and Leon Konieczny,  The “Lake Mary Food Critic” –  we stood outside laughing like hyena’s and people must have wondered what we were smoking! It was a gorgeous night for the artwalk, about 80 degrees and not a rain cloud in sight.  It was a perfect weather might and streets crowded looking at Historic Sanford Welcome Center Art show and listening to Matt the Saxx!  All galleries looked great and had many visitors.  Toelle Hovan at Art Affair, Tom Abbott at Art Affair,
Ronda has totally rearranged the gallery and it looks fresh and has a lot of work, ALSO, if you are an artist wanting to show your work, she has space available, call her at the Gallery,
And to you business owners, my son working at his place of employment  tonight had a man come in and ask for a $100 dollar bill if he gave 5 twentys, so after checking the $20’s for fakes, my son took them and looked at the $100 bill, then handed it to the guy, the guy turned and then turned back and held a $10 dollar bill he obviously used in these schemes before and tried to tell my son he had only been given a $10 and not a $100 dollar bill, so watch for these scammer/thugs, call the police on them. My son offered to have the accountant come down and count the drawer in front of the thug! They are trying to make a buck illegally, (my son refused to give him any more money and the guy realizing he had not pulled off the scam, left.)
Be careful business owners and tell your workers!
Now in retro, on Wednesday I went with Robin Pedrero to hang our show at the University Club, stopping first at the Produce market on Orlando Ave called   The owner Troy was so very nice and that place was bustling with people buying the fresh local produce, they also have a wine room and deli. It’s right next to the Dunkin’ Donuts there on 17/92 in Winter Park.   You need the local stuff, buy it here!   I got in the car to review my photos and noticed a green cast to things again, I tried fumbling with the color and could not figure it out. I keep re-setting back to default and still notice a green cast. In reading the manual, I noticed that the default color is green – now why would a company do that to someone?  If only my brain could remember all these commands on the settings! This camera is way too smart for me!
Onto the U-Club where Nita and Daphnye were waiting with open arms to greet us. Adam came with me and was a huge help in getting Robin and my work onto the walls.  Here’s a peek:  Robin’s big paintings. and some of my smaller work,
And there’s a bunch more so come join us March 13th, from 2-4pm at the University Club of Winter Park on the corner of Park Ave and Webster.
Stopped by the cemetery on the way home for a couple snaps,  There’s something so sweetly sad about seeing these statuary on peoples graves that points out the hurt for those whom are missed.    Funny to think all it takes is a couple generations and then who remembers you? Blow my ashes to the wind and let me be free to roam the earth, hug the trees and flowers, float upon the ponds and rivers, wag in the breeze of a dogs tail.  The cemetery is such an interesting place, so much history.
I drove on home to take some pics.  a woodpecker decided to raid the feeder.  There looks like a healthy egg in the cranes nest.
except last night as I was about to leave, I was walking the property and the crane stood and I thought I saw a second egg, am waiting for confirmation for the next time she stands.  Please go visit my other blog for the nature news on cranes

Now all that is from Friday, so now will continue with Sunday which began with a slight fog over the lake   and the gorgeous sun popped through making for a nice day to go see the work at the Civic Center in Sanford for the Sanford Seminole Art Association Members show.  This group has been together since 1959! They have artwork all over the state. I know several of them have had their work at The Historic Sanford Welcome Center.  I did not want to take individual pictures, so just took a few group and then came home and wondered why I didn’t take more of the talent displayed!   These were all for raffles. Plus they had art by children in several middle schools.  And the snacks, whoa, whoever made the macaroons, YUM, and there was wonderful carrot bread and cookies and loved that punch! This is a first class group and it was good seeing artists, Pauline Kretler who worked with stuff called power tex, it was a feather light medium for doing sculpture,  her dancing girl had great curves. And always enjoy seeing Kathy Chenet’s cows. I have been in shows with Pauline and Kathy before, it’s so good to exhibit beside such talented women and men!  It was nice saying hello to Francine Levy who I met once before and was so happy to see her and her gorgeous  acrylics, she does classic still life.  So if you would like to join not only an art group, but a family of talented people who meet once a month with demonstrations, speakers, and a purpose for growing as an artist,
The marina was hopping with people walking dogs, fishing,  and there is a sad homeless population too. You see many sleeping people around the picnic tables, and many people walking with all their possessions – so if you can, find a way to support your local prgrams that help feed or shelter the homeless. There are many many among us who have lost everything due to a range of reasons, but economic times are hard, so if you have an extra blankets/clothes, packets of travel sized soaps, shampoos,  you can drop off at a shelter, or canned foods to some of the food banks, thank you! And don’t forget our homeless animals being cared for at many shelters who open their hearts to the animals who are the victims of hard times too, if you can, drop off a bag of cat or dog food, make a small donation and help carry them through. Things are going to be a struggle for many, try and do something to help if you are able.

As I drove home, saw two fire trucks in front of the Dave’s Barber Shop,  He’s been in the same location for 40+ years and there was an article in the Sanford Herald about the circumstances between repairs not being made by the building owner and a need to move to a better location.  what a shame,    and hope all was okay down that way.
Have a wonderful week and stay healthy!  Z
and I hope this video comes through, but musician Rick Maselli mixed my photos in with his beautiful composition, a calming piano piece. Check it out! (cut and paste)