Have photos from both new camera, Canon SX30, and Sony Alpha DSLR -love that Canon telephoto and will show it off shortly – love the telephoto power, but MUST use a tripod for zooming and movies especially!  Enjoying the fisheye,    poster effect, and other goodies, but feel the color is not as true as my Sony’s. Have not printed out any photos yet either – that will be the real test!
Since the last post, there are two big and healthy looking heron nests in the pine, and the one lone heron seems forever lonely, and here’s a view of weekend:
compare with last post, scroll down.   a bit closer.  Both nests look like they will be active. I can hear heron babies at my neighbors, but won’t see them till those heads get tall enough to peer over.
The cranes have been building their nest on the island.  
Today started out just gorgeous as you can see by the purple pre-sunrise.  The moon is stunning through new Canon lens . 

Noticed the cranes were busy in nest, the female kept tamping down the straw in her nest over and over as if to makes sure there was no leakage.
No eggs, just a busy mother.  The other birds were busy too, grackles, jays mockingbirds and crows still blanketing the sky and when you see the crows, seek shelter, you can hear their dung falling down as they fly over en mass!   grackle showing off white part of eye as it shrinks after puffing up. Otter this am in the lake, we had eye contact and fast as that, it swam under the water away fast!
funny face!  Then watched herons flying in and out with branches. Grabbed Adam and went to Moe’s where they had a special going, 5.99 for burrito/chips and drink. Can’t beat that because those burritos are really big.  Dinner for me!   Though my economical friend Bobbo says he gets a $1.06 taco and they don’t charge for senior drinks – I did not know that!  Since I don’t eat meat, a cheese taco would be fine.
When we came home the male crane was on the porch peering into the house –  I had put bird seed out before I left at lunch, but he was not interested. It was as if he was trying to say something, (of course that is my interpretation.)  I walked out and saw his lady sitting on the nest. and had to wait for him to meander on back toward shore.   She was panting hard, the rise and fall of her body was visible through the lens.  Finally the male took off for the island and stood off to her right pulling weeds out to use for building nest.  The female finally got up and there it was! One egg.  

Maybe later there will be another as usually there are always two to begin with.
Around the lake were the normal birds,  Merganser ducks.    An acrobatic turtle  and of course, the day is not over yet, so will update if I have more egg news later.
On Saturday Andrea and I spent running to the Farmers Market in Lake Mary. The shops nearby had good deals and Andrea loved  4th and Ocean reasonably priced very cool clothing,   Jewelry, fragrances, shoes, handbags etc.  Then up to Sanford and ate lunch at Two Blondes and a Shrimp which has been good in the past, but service very very slow on Saturday. But we saw Herbie.   Then in and out of art galleries. Ronda had changed her place all around.  

Both Jeanine’s and Ronda’s Galleries ROCK!
Soap Sanctuary has moved to near the square where the clock is, 407-324-2827 – the owner set it up beautifully and OOOO, the fragrances make you hungry for desserts or fruits, or all kinds of things. I can’t find my card and I only have the old address on 1st, so go take a look past Maya’s bookstore, it’s nears Stone’s Throw Bistro.   Cards, Jewelry, lotion fragrances, YUM, even furniture in the back!  
The farmers market had just finished, but we saw a huge harlequin Great dane,  She was a beaut!  These are from Lake Mary’s Farmers Market,   We were gone all day in many locations.
On Sunday woke to fog,   Walked to golf course to take some pics at 7:30am,   Would you believe there were golfers out there?     I had to lighten this a lot to even find them, how did they find their balls???
Last night I went to meet with Eccentricity Group only because they were meeting right up at Willow Tree. Really only spoke to the few people around me at the table I was seated at as most people at the other table left after they were through eating and we were just getting ours.  Dan the co-organizer was very welcoming and his buddy Shawn and his friends were very funny. The service, very very slow slow. The place was filled to the brim, so I suppose whether service is good or not really might not matter.  Come on Sanford, step it up.  That’s about as much eccentricity as I will need for a long time.
Oh these weekends go so fast, and back to Monday again, but look at this, it’s fishing time, gonna run out and enjoy the 82 degree weather, it could not be more perfect out there, not a thing to complain about except the fishing. Life’s good!