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size matters! The photos are smaller, and putting it together is a bit more time consuming, theres the word I hate, time time time! |
My small Sony point and shoot digital developed a couple problems and took to have fixed under warranty. The items could not be fixed so they gave me a choice of any new camera for the same price — ALWAYS BUY AN EXTENDED WARRANTY WITH YOUR CAMERA!
There was a brand new Sony DSLR (NEX3)  that is the size of a smaller point and shoot, oh was I tempted except for the price. Did not want to pay that much for another DSLR when I have one, but size again is the issue, the DSLRS will soon be made smaller, I will definitely upgrade in a few years when my DSLR is a dinosaur in comparison, my mouth is still watering at the quality of that Sony NEX 3!
So I ended up being talked into the new Canon SX30 IS  with a 35X telephoto, those are exciting numbers to a nature photographer. I brought it home last night and have 30 days to give it a try. So far I am learning more about it. The 35X needs a tri or mono pod to stabilize it when expanding all the say out as objects become soft and blurred. The camera has a fisheye and poster modes, a camcorder mode with less power than my Sony so anxious to see my first movie which I will post down further.
As for nature, the sandhill cranes work and work on that nest, but have not actually laid an egg.  Here’s a few photos from past few days”
I have not even seen them showing signs of mating yet. I guess that comes on completion of the nest –
The sky has blackened all week with hundreds upon hundreds of crows flying back and forth and ‘crop dusting’ my truck with lots of their flying crap! When they leave the trees you can hear their droppings pelt things!    It’s like a scene out of the old “Birds” movie, except they don’t kill, they ‘coat’! Luckily, or maybe miraculously,  I have escaped a shellac-ing!  They are noisy too, but never come to the ground for bird seed thank goodness.  They stop in the lake briefly and then off they go in circles sometimes.
As for the lonely heron, she sits up there like Horton as if she had a nest. Last night while fishing, I watched her bringing her own long stick and spend literally an hour trying to position it!   Guess where it landed, YEP as always, in the lake.  She was there all alone when I went inside as it got dark. Now this morning I came out to find 4 herons in the side by side trees. The lonely heron in her tree looking out and calling for help. a single male on a lower branch of the second tree and a heron couple up toward the top of a tree and they were building a nest!  I am feeling so bad for that lonely heron waiting for a mate to bring her branches as she watches not forty feet away as a new nest is being constructed.  The lone male seems kind of out of place and the other male does chase him off periodically.  Here’s the view:   (the new couple)  

the moon last night,  a female eagle or osprey?
Sunset last night.
Here’s the movie of a couple hours ago
The morning view:   watch?v=jgXXhDNoF_c

I was juried into the Florida Hospital’s Healing Arts exhibit – I am so fortunate to be with such accomplished artists! My two photos were not even animals though I did submit, one was my black lilies,  and Sanford marina view,   on display for March over at the Florida Hospital in Altamonte Springs on St. rd, 436.
Well, gotta get framing and testing the camera, not sure how I am adapting, but you will see the results. The movie is with the new camera, and here’s a close up as I stood on the ground of my lonely heron’s face,  Cross your fingers that maybe that new nest is being built for her by Habitat for Herons!
Had to add this view looking out at my truck windshield a few minutes ago, it’s those nasty crows, LOOOOOK OUUUUT!!!