With that title you would think I was going to post all kinds of cool nude photos, but guess what, I’m not supposed to, though I will throw you a bone with a generic. 
Since they started years ago, it has greatly expanded. In fact, one of my pictures was on an evite to the event in 2007–.  I censored my art a bit. Anyway, this event has grown widely from a small book store to warehouses. They have dancers all over, performance artists, vendors with masks, and the artwork was outstanding! The place was packed! Many people, many cameras and cell phones flashing.
They had a sushi bar set up and huge drink bar. It lasted for 3 nights and Tampa has their own version that starts March 3rd. — search  nudenite.com   it will give all the details. I only wish I could show more, publicity, publicity, publicity!
Remember, Tampa’s nude night begins, March 3rd –  info    http://www.nudenite.com/schedule.html
Stopped at Maitland Art Center on Friday night. They had a very nice and tame in comparison reception for nature photographer, Rich Franco     http://www.richfrancophotography.com
Also there was featured painter, Cindy Anderson with her paintings and cards,
http://www.cindyanderson.com  —  Both had work that you wanted to linger over. Plus the Central Florida Watercolor Society was hung in the gallery in the main building, beautiful representation of their talented group.
There was music and drinks and a great band, Blues Mama and the Maj Band and WOW,  could that woman belt it out. All the info was on the Maitland Art Center SIte – on their events portion    http://maitlandartcenter.com/ Something is going wrong with my links today so copy and put in your search bar.
Anyway, it was a very artsy weekend, and today I will be working on my own upcoming work to be displayed at  the University Club starting the 23rd of this month! International artist/painter Robin Pedrero will also be exhibiting with me, our reception is March 13, from 2-4pm at the University Club of Winter Park, come see us!
Here’s the Maitland Show pictures:   Rich Franco’s work was a distinguished example of showing the finer qualities of nature.  Cindy Anderson.   

Mama Blues and her wonderful band. What a singer!    Outside painters.
I would show you the work inside the gallery, but I’m not allowed to photgraph inside without the artist permission and I did not know any to ask, so go over and have an eyeful, the CF Watercolor society was a beautiful grouping!

Abbe’s spooky window treatment of the Maitland Art Center. Love the place as you know from past blogs — has one of those great art vibes resonating throughout!    Umm, could use some pointers from Rich on night photography!
The sketch as I saw it.  Remember to view my new website for latest wildlife blog at