How’s that for a title? Catchy huh! Literally catchy as I went up to the Sanford Marina yesterday afternoon after finding the Lake Monroe Old South Motel was having a Catfish dinner.    I rambled around the boats so fancy and even proclaiming their intentions,   The boats were waiting patiently for Saturday mornings Crappie Competition.     There were hardcore tournament fishermen buzzing about probably plotting strategy.  Otherwise I was checking out the restaurant  Found out that was actually the breakfast set up for the people on Saturday am.
Walked around to check out the sights, the morning yesterday had been so foggy and overcast, the clouds so beautiful that I had to see how it looked from the marina prospective.   It was quite shocking to see people fishing where the gators usually claim their space for sunning!   just a few weeks earlier,   the same area in a long view    The banks along that wall are all sandy now.  

the gulls were in a frenzy,  getting bread from a lady.
At home I tried fishing and not a thing caught on!   Enjoyed the sky!  Then convinced my buddy Jerry he should eat catfish and he bit! I met him at the marina for a wonderful catfish/fries/collardgreen dinner. The hush puppies were not to my taste. But the rest was excellent and not one bone!  The sky before sunset was dramatic.
This morning got up and to marina about 8:15am, but not a boat in sight, they had left hours ago. The sky once again was worth shooting.
checked out the people fishing, no one was catching anything and there were a lot of poles out there.
I caught a heron in the shallows looking for minnows.  

Talked to several fisher men and always enjoy those conversations that seem to drift to the “old days”.
Took off for home, noticed lots of bike riders,   I’m sure the route is a beautiful one.
Upon going home, turned on the tv to hear Channel 13 saying there was a free car show, “one of the largest in the country” in over in Lake Mary/Heathrow, so popped over there, in and out within twenty minutes, (as cars are really only transportation to me.)  I spent more time in line at the Heathrow Colonial Town Plaza Subway! Here’s some car pics:   

My favorite? Besides the Bentleys, I did like this one in the parking lot,   I love the old Ford and Chevy trucks. The show was not one of the largest, NO WAY! I like the antique car shows best! They suit an antique like me!
passing the golf course, I spotted about 18 sandhill cranes, the most I have ever seen there at one time,   This was only part of the flock, they were spread out. Even saw a fox squirrel,

it was headed in the wrong direction and I was not going to chase it while golfers are swinging away on this 80 degree day!  The rain is falling and the birds are calling, catch ya later, enjoy the day!  AND visit my art gallery