I have given up trying to figure out the heron. She has knocked the rest of the twigs out of her nest this morning, 
They floated below her. She is up there picking at branches and wailing, but that’s it, she looks sad.  
you can see one loose twig wrapped around the tree branch, that’s all that’s there, yet she sits for hours in morning and wails or maybe mourns for something. The male heron flies in to the adjacent tree and then in about ten minutes, flies to his other lover.  
On the other hand, it must be sandhill crane national dating/mating week???  I have seen many cranes flying over the lake this am, 6 at one time. My cranes always stop to put their heads up and scream hello. But this morning, the cranes have been very strange, they flew to the neighbors, then touched down and flew here, then turned and flew off across the lake and then flew back all in a matter of ten minutes. The male came earlier alone, but never ate, he looked around and then flew off. I can see where they ‘look’ like they are nesting across the lake, but there can’t be an egg or maybe there was and it is gone???  All last week the cranes came over here  one at a time typical of having an egg in the nest, but today they are flying around strangely – is there an egg – was it stolen? Maybe I will have to recruit my neighbor and take the boat over to take a look.  But here is the chronicle of this mornings back and forth. The bent head is typical of flirting crane behaviour.  All I can figure is that the air is heavy with avian estrogen, the females are PMS-ing, pre mating syndrome??? It is like nothing I have seen before in both sets of birds, the herons have never dismantled a nest like this, the sandhills have not had an egg so early, it’s always near Easter or beyond. Whats going on? Any thoughts please comment?
flying to neighbors,   here they come,  he bows, they looked around,  then the female went down and took off, and he waited then left and then they turned and came back,     The male gives another bow,    The female turned, looked off and spread her wings slowly, then retracted them and decided not to leave at that moment.   
and turned and ate some seed,   then back toward the shore,  and then off again

where the new nest seems to be.