Love these foggy mornings when the lake takes on magic.  
This is religion, the nature of the elements when mist fights form and seems to float above the lake, when you hear the small birds singing their morning song,  but can’t see them, when you walk by the spider webs woven last night and now abandoned in their beauty,  when the sun struggles against water vapor and even with it’s mighty power, water wins,  this is my religious fix.
These pics were taken just before the sun broke loose.
I could hear the female heron calling from her nest, if you call those few twigs a nest.  

The male was sitting with his back to her on the next pine over. He was tucked in, ignoring all her sad wailing.   In fact, he stayed in the same position the whole half hour I was out there.  I watched her picking at her nest trying to reshape it,    A few times, the splash signified defeat.   The male didn’t participate at all. She tried breaking off branches near to her, but her attempts were rather feeble, halfhearted to say the least. Usually the male will be bringing in the twigs. He didn’t look the least bit interested, but maybe it was the fog. maybe he was as mesmerized as I by the thick mist hiding the splatter of the rising sun,  
The crepe myrtle held captive,  
the abandoned webs   The banana plant looked like it was the hiding the grim reaper.
I will watch the herons today and see what progression they make, maybe make updates.  But for now, I leave you with nature, go out and make your day a great one! Find beauty somewhere you least expect it and don’t wait for the sunshine, go make it!

P/S, think I have found where cranes are nesting this season, will let you know…