Five words, Butch Anthony – The Bones Show!  welcome?.gx=1&.tm=1296268841&.rand=51ru1tv5ba38d#_pg=showMessage&sMid=1&&filterBy=&.rand=789187024&midIndex=1&mid=1_478946_AJvIjkQAAG8oTUM8uAFMa1jbn8o&,1_478946_AJvIjkQAAG8oTUM8uAFMa1jbn8o,1_478149_AKDIjkQAAYIXTUM6xAwqSWsV1cc,1_476830_AJvIjkQAASfrTUMn5Qm8kj6R0G4,1_477447_AJvIjkQAAEeoTUM3GgP9oGVRwz0,1_476136_AJvIjkQAAHXFTUMW1gAmGzCkhZc,1_475665_AJzIjkQAAJnqTULyigv2ylnI5I0,&sort=date&order=down&startMid=0&hash=8901c8c4ca4b696098e73b1d1c63a013&.jsrand=8427310 I have been a fan since I saw his work several years back at  The Gallery on First, Jeanine Taylor’s Folk Art Gallery. I met Butch tonight and am still cultivating his art vision in my brain.  I took a couple of pictures of him, the first couple did not come out right when I looked through the viewfinder, or so I thought at that time.  I took a third photo on the right setting and  this is how Butch really looks in the correct lighting, but after looking through the pictures just now, the picture I thought was ”off”, (as my iso and Aperture were set wrong,) I now think my camera was right the first time, there is a terrific aura that surrounds him and says a lot about Butch Anthony that maybe I didn’t even notice myself until I got home and started looking at his body of work..
The artist is tall and reads of fields, muddy feet, southern skies, long walks with a pensive eye toward the ground taking everything in.  This is not someone simple,  there is deep thinking going on under that brown hat.  Butch seems like a  ‘gateway’ artist, he ferries you across the room and in his thick, calm  Alabama accent and shows you his love of death and bones and discards through the handiwork of his many talents.  There was a comforting and trusting ‘otherworldly’ breeching of dimension in his exhibit and in his demeanor.  It was like being in the audience of a psychic, only he uses esoteric art to speak through him and every thing placed into his work was predestined to be chosen by him for reasons beyond my own comprehension.
He’s solid, has a warm hand and I was taken by his knowledge of the treasures he accumulates:, rusty objects, wire, cow bones, beaver chewed sticks, old photos and letters, old cake pans, books, this and that which like I mentioned,  these objects find Butch to be incorporated into his art, to tell their stories, to be identified and reconciled with.
He makes chandeliers from bovine jaw bones which are hauntingly beautiful.
He loves nature and natural things, things that many would find not worth embracing, but Butch takes them and gives them a reincarnation. Let me show you some of his work,   his hammered faces give off happy vibes. The bones inside the case make for interesting looking modern horses..     How do you like the rib bone seating?   This tall curved bone and simple lines make this beast look elegant.   These are nail and bracket baskets,  folksy words of wisdom.  He is an internationally collected artist.  You feel at ease in his presence, let him steer you through the deep cerebral places that seep into his  art.

Folk art is a unique genre, it takes a genuine spirit to see beyond the junk, the mundane, the rust, in order to resuscitate ordinary objects into a second life.   Butch as the camera brain took him in,   I think a ghost is whispering to him.  His work will be there through February 27th, go experience it! It’s very cool!

Now let me backtrack as I am prone to do – the Art walk was quiet tonight, The Historic Sanford Welcome Center had many works of artists I know and many  were not there. But Rae Marie was and she won the First Place Prize, So happy for her. I am ashamed to say I was there and did not take pics as I started chatting away with two photographers.  The hor doerves were excellent, brucshetta and chocolate moist cupcakes – will have to insert the name of the caterer later.
Ran over to Art Affair and Ronda as usual had it going on in there, so many wonderful pieces to savor. Tom Abbott had new work out front.
And a few other pics,   Next door to them, a new Age store has opened, The Crystal Closet.  They had many things, crystals, rocks, incense, books, sage, and much more including a “crystal closet  for ‘readings’  Reiki massage, have a look:
Jewelry,   incense.  books,   and The Crystal Closet,  great mysteries to be revealed –

Then over to see Rae Marie and Alfredo, such a great pair! Framing 508 rocks! Whoops, no pics. Well, I did take one of the happy couple!
Then I went over to Gallery on First and saw Butch and Mary, Jeanine and artist Cheri Dacko.   
checked in with Sharon Hyder and Lori Anne Harris, Sharon was painting an elephant mother and baby for the Altamonte Springs Hospital submission,
took a ‘long shot’ so she could keep it under raps.  
And that was that, had been to Sanford twice today, so now that I am through, I am thinking of another project, taking  pics of some of my friends cats, thought maybe an exhibit where the proceeds go to a local group that helps animals. I do have volunteers, hope to get more, email me if you live in the area around Sanford/central Florida, – of course, I have to find a place to exhibit it –