I don’t understand what’s going on with the heron nest,  On the 21st, here’s a photo of heron by her nest,  it was a typical thick weaving of branches, ready for the eggs. Males were flying in to mate,  and then on Wednesday, 

it looked like hardly worthy of being safe for the heron to sit in. This morning she is sitting up there with 2 male suitors.
one flew back off to neighbors nest.  It’s as weird as the morning sky to wonder about it!

Another strange thing are the sandhill cranes, they have been coming over one at a time for the last 3 days. That to me signifies they must have a nest somewhere though this is several months early OR they got a crane divorce and are trying to find other mates, haha.
I have taken binoculars and looked across the shore for a head or a nest, but nothing. I have to wait to see where they fly once they leave here.
o my big birds are messin’ with my head. I am so sad the heron is not going to nest there, but then again, maybe it will??? Anyway, here’s some nature pics;

a baby woodpecker fell down from nest, hope he was okay.
vulture at marina.   the other day at marina before the storms.
Wednesday… off to day of art….